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General conditions for stays intermediation

The general conditions for stays intermediation of the associates TOURTREND s.r.o., TOURTREND - Miloslav Meitner and TOURTREND SERVIS - Marek Meitner and TOURTREND ubytovani - Dan Meitner (hereinafter referred to as TOURTREND), with the subject of enterprise‚ running a travel agency, regulate mutual conditions between TOURTREND and a customer (physical or legal entities) as a service user in accordance with the respective provisions of generally binding regulations of the Czech Republic, Law no. 40/1964 Digest, The Civil Code and other valid regulations referring to intermediary activities within the meaning of the valid changes and amendments. The general conditions are binding for all the parties involved.

  1. Introductory provisions

  1. TOURTREND provides those interested with the intermediary services. Persons under 18 can only use these services via intermediation (with accompaniment) of people who are older than 18.

  2. The intermediary relation between the customer and TOURTREND arises based on a written „Order for stay intermediation“ (hereinafter referred to as Order) which is regarded as a properly filled in and undersigned Order, or another filled in form that contains all the necessary requisites of a binding order.

  3. As the Order confirmation is considered the day of delivery the written Order confirmation issued by TOURTREND. The confirmation will be send to the address mentioned by the customer at the written Order or by email at the customer’s email address, if the order was sended by electronic mail.
  4. The fulfilment lapsing from the intermediary relation between the customer and TOURTREND is provided in time of delivery the Voucher and the householder contacts or by the advance payment.

  1. Equipment and services
  1. Equipment of each recreational facility is proclaimed in its description on the Internet. All recreational facilities have the following basic equipment: running water, toilet, electricity, bed linen and an equipped kitchen with the possibility of cooking. Exceptions and other above standard equipment are always mentioned in the description.

  2. Detailed information concerning equipment and the facilities surroundings are given upon request.

  3. The number of beds (including additional beds) specifies the maximum number of people who can be accommodated (including children). The householder will not accommodate higher number of people without any previous agreement.

  1. Length of stays

  1. The stays must be at least one week long during the main summer season (during the season from Saturday to Saturday).

  2. Weekend stays are possible off-season (beginning of stay on Friday, finish on Sunday). The payment is for 3 days in an off season price (in this case the price/day = price/night). The length of the stay can be specified based on an agreement during off-season.

  3. The stays can be shorter than one week during the main winter season. The beginning and finish of the stay must be always on Saturday and it must be at least for four nights.
  4. The stays begin with taking over a recreational facility on the day of the stay beginning at 14 – 18 o‘clock. The finish of the stay is on the last day of rent till 10 o‘clock.

  1. The way of ordering and payment for the stays

  1. It is suitable to mention an alternative date or another (similar) recreational facility in the order, that is part of the catalogue, for case the required date or the facility has already been booked, or the householder does not confirm the accommodation for serious reason. Mention the facility number, place, date of stay and number of people (adults, children and their age) who will be accommodated in the order. Send the order via e-mail, fax or to address:

    Oskol 447, P.O.BOX 27
    76701 Kromeriz, Czech republic
    Tel./fax: 573341111, 573341112 a 573342992

  2. TOURTREND will send you, together with confirmed order, an invoice for the payment for 50% of the total amount of the stay price. The term of payment must be kept. If the order of the stay is not cancelled in a written form (exceptionally by phone), the lapse conditions are valid (see point VII.).
  3. After receiving the payment on TOURTREND‘s account, a voucher and householder‘s contact data (address, phones, and other necessary information) will be sent to you.
  4. The householder will receive the remaining amount of the stay price (it means 50%) at the beginning of the stay. The exact price, payable to the householder, is mentioned in the confirmed order – Payment to the Householder. This amount is also mentioned in the accommodation document (voucher) that the customer will submit to the householder at the beginning of stay.
  5. „Last minute“ stays are possible to be arranged by phone, fax or e-mail.
  6. If the customer requires invoice payment (via a firm, employer or another organisation), this fact must be mentioned in the order!
  1. Prices of services

  1. Prices of stays during the main season (winter + summer) are mentioned on the Internet.
  2. Prices of services are arranged on agreement in accordance with the Law no. 526/1990 Digest about prices, in the wording of other changes and amendments, according to:
    - surroundings attractiveness
    - facilities and equipment of the building
    - householders‘ requirements for rent
  3. New Year‘s Eve stay is charged with all the facilities in the price of 30% - 100% higher (according to the attractiveness of the facility). Prices for interested foreigners will be named upon agreement. Concerning long-term rents, the price can be lower than it is mentioned in the catalogue.

  4. The off-season prices of all facilities are 20% lower than during the main season.
  5. Concerning most of the facilities (except suites and guesthouses), really consumed electricity or gas and exceptionally firewood is paid. The customers pay fees to the local authority in all recreational areas (5,- - 7,- € per adult/week).
  6. The householder (only chalets and cottages) has the right to ask for deposit (according to largeness of the facility) at the beginning of the stay. The full deposit will be returned on the last day of the stay in case there was not made any damage to the property.
  7. The householder ensures cleaning of the object. The customer is obliged to return the facility in the same condition as it was taken over. If it is not done like this, the householder has the right for a reasonable deposit deduction.
  8. TOURTREND reserves the right to increase the prices for rent in case of accommodation conditions change, or at increase of price expenses that were not possible to forecast.
  1. Sale by commission

  1. Chosen tour operators, or travel agencies carry out the sale by commission, based on a commission contract. As for these stays, the prices mentioned in the catalogue are valid. General conditions TOURTREND relate to these stays.

  1. Lapse conditions

  1. The customer has the right to withdraw the order any time, without a fee 50 days before the ordered date, solely in a written form. Cancellation begins on the date of the order cancelling document receipt receiving.

  2. When withdrawing the confirmed order after the mentioned above term, the customer is obliged to pay the householder lapse fees (except for generally accepted reasons for the contract withdrawal) in the amount of
    a) 20% of the total price for the rent when withdrawing the order 49 – 31 days before
    beginning of the stay.
    b) 50% of the total price for the rent when withdrawing the order 30 – 8 days before
    beginning of the stay.
    c) 100 % of the total price for the rent when withdrawing the order 7 - 0 days before beginning of the stay.
  3. The customer has no claim to receive the mediating commission, if it comes to observance in accordance with art. I. Parag. 4) of this general conditions, with exceptions mentioned in article IX., because the observance and commission service has been by TOURTREND realized.
  4. In case, the customer ensures a substitute for him, the lapse fees are not applied.
  5. We draw your attention to the possibility of lapse fees insurance for case you have to cancel your stay because of serious reasons.

  1. Complaints

  1. In case that services including the price of the stay were not properly provided, the customer has the right to apply the complaint of defects only at the householder in the place of stay. If the dificiencies or defects are not obviated and the complaint is justified, the customer has the right to apply discount from the stay price at the householder. The complaint must be written, in a form of protocol.

  2. The customer applies the complaint of intermediary services at the intermediary (TOURTREND) solely written, in a form of protocol.
  3. TOURTREND visits offered objects regularly and presses for the best rightness of the offering texts. But is not responsible for the status of recreational objects at the moment of each taking up of recrational stay. The householder is responsible for the equipment of the facility, technical and hygienic state of the facility, for compliance of valid regulations and standards and for providing the services mentioned in the catalogue.
  4. The customer is obliged to keep on operative rules in recreational object, if it is available, because these do the integral part of the contract of accommodation, conclused with the householder.
  5. TOURTREND is not responsible for possible not working swimming pools, ski tows, restaurants, stores and other services mentioned at part Recreation and Food. The information are drawned from public information sources and are with no guarantee. Data about ditances to each services and recreation possibilies are orientation. TOURTREND is not responsible for movement of small rodents, insects and domestic animals or livestock in the objects or their immediate surroundings. TOURTREND is not responsible for receiving TV signal, for the drinking water quality in recreational objects and for quality of fencing. TOURTREND is not responsible for building activities and other sound disturbance in surrounding of recreational objects.
  6. Cottages and cabins are specific kind of accommodation and there may be used some untraditional interier components (attic inbuilds, galleries, basements, outbuildings etc.) which falls within regular building norms.

  1. Stay cancellation from householders side

The landlord is authorised to cancel the stay if the realization of stay is difficult or compromised as a result of unexpected events, which was not possible to predict when the order confirmation. In this case, the client will get alternative offer of an adequate replacement from TourTrend in the extent of possible. In the event that the customer is not willing to accept the alternative offer, client will receive from the landlord paid back all amount relating to the residence (including commissions TOURTREND), immediately and without delay. At the same time the customer is not entitled to any further compensation. TOURTREND is not responsible for any damages and other claims resulting from customer cancellation or non-residence as a result of court decisions, executors offices or other competent state bodies that prevent proper use of the building, unless TOURTREND such information to the competent authority and sent to the owner of the building before the service under Article I. paragraph 4) hereof. For the damages caused in this result to the customer, is responsible the owner.

  1. Stays insurance

  1. Insurance is not included in the stays intermediated by TOURTREND. The customers exploit the ordered services at their own risk. TOURTREND is not responsible for any injuries, damaged or destroyed property (the responsibility for damages caused on health or property of the third person), for stolen luggage during the recreational stay, as well as for the damages caused by natural elements or disasters, and for the damages connected with these events. We recommend insuring appropriate travel insurance or an additional insurance.

  1. Final provisions

  1. These general conditions come into force from 1st October 2017.

  2. The customer confirms with his signature in his order of stay that he understands the conditions and accepts them in their full extent.

  3. All the provisions mentioned above are applicable for the stays intermediated by sellers for commission.

We wish you the right choice, pleasant and non-disturbed stay and lucky return home:

Oskol 447
P.O.BOX 27
76701 Kromeriz
The Czech republic
Tel./fax: +420573341112, +420573342992