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Jeseniky mountains

All the beautiful cottages, cabins and other recreational object we offer in this area you can find HERE. Very nice stylish cottage with sauna and hot tub near village Mala Moravka in Jeseniky, 500 m from ski lift. Modern and luxury cottage with sauna and swimming pool at the end of the village Siroka Niva.

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If you like the comfort of vacation near swimming pool, see our selection of cottages with swimming pool or children's pool with extended usage HERE CABINS with POOL. Pretty cottage with swimming pool located on the edge of little village Skorosice in Rychlebske mountains, 20 km from Jesenik - Skorosice.

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Jeseniky split in Hruby and Low Jesenik.

Nízký Jeseník

Low Jesenik is located in the northeastern part of the Czech Republic and stretches to the east from the Hruby Jesenik between Dale Upper Moravian and Silesian plain.In north eastern region lies the Moravian Gate and the Ostrava region. It is a geomorphological unit and the flat highlands of northern Moravia and southern Silesia. It stretches in the Moravian-Silesian and the Olomouc region which includes the city Bruntal, Novy Jicin, Olomouc, Opava, Ostrava and Prerov.

Low Jeseník also consists of geomorphological parts such as: Brantice Highlands, Bruntal Highlands, Domasov Highlands, Oder Hills, Slunecna Highlands, Steborice Highlands, Vitkov Highlands and Trsice uplands. Remnants of volcanic activity to become one of the oldest geological units in central Europe. Unit is mainly composed Palaeozoic, culm sediments rocks, based on previous sediments and volcanics, generated by intense volcanic activity at the bottom of the Devonian sea. Mining non-ferrous and precious metals is known in Jeseniky. Its altitude is only between 400-600 meters. The highest is the western portion of Jeseniky where it reaches up to 800 meters (Slunecna). Its height decreases towards the east up to 350 metrů. Low Jesenik follows the eastern part of Hruby Jesenik which lies between the northern lowlands and southern Silesian Upper Moravian Valley. Passes at the Moravian Gate and Ostrava basin in the eastern part.

Jeseniky territory was flooded with a shallow sea during the period under Palaeozoic. Then washed river gravel, sand and silt from today Hruby Jesenik that the Devonian sea floor and the settled layer was several kilometers. Central Europe was hit by a massive Variscan folding during the late Paleozoic. Great masses of rock have been regrouping and terrestrial force shaping. These processes have helped to arise secondary divisibility of rock called cleavage.

This process makes the current cleavability clay shale. Occurred in many discrete units, all thanks foldings, and Low Jesenik was retrieved to the mountain heights

However, weathering and erosion in the Mesozoic era compared Mesozoics mountain hills in the peneplain.

At the end of the Mesozoic and early Tertiary Alpine-Carpathian Variscan orogeny broke up the old mountain-floes on which the influence terrestrial forces failed or elevate it. Hruby and Low Jesenik was lifted but the Upper Moravian and Silesia fell.

Upper Moravian Valley  as well as the Moravian Gate is once again flooded Tertiary sea, which also absorbed a large part of the old Variscan mountains. Volcanic activity in the area began to show up in the late Tertiary.

Iceberg along the surface of the protruded hot magma that gave rise to both the basalt pile, and strato-volcano. Volcanic activity probably actively carried out until the Quaternary and that were active are called Uhlirsky Hill and Venus volcano.

Sights to visit

Swimming poos, basin, fishpond and dam


On the Smetana street 746 you will find indoor swimming pool. This pool serves as a spa with the Blue Laguna. Next there is swimming infants and toddlers. You can indulge in bubble bath or massage and children's pool with small currents.

You can also see the dam Bílovec with a water area of more than five hectares are located near the recreation area of the Valley youths. It has muddy bottom with a gradual slope and shore is grassy. Restaurant is located about 500 meters but also in the tank can be found here one. There was a minigolf course but this is currently out of service. The dam was built in 1969. Was cleaned twice before without success. There are also studies that there has developed a natural swimming pool where they were boats, water slides, pool and even less was considered as well as volleyball playground and mini golf to launch this site has become an attractive recreational area.

Renaissance castle dominates town Bilovec. It comes from first half of 16th century. During that time he was repeatedly modified and extended. The castle was partially burned under heavy fire, which was in the city in r.1729 and Vaclav Sedlnický of Choltice gave it rebuilt in baroque r. 1736th.  In 1755 and in the late 18th century have been carried out other construction. Unfortunately castle is not currently  public open. Lets hope that in the future it will serve as a tourist and resting place.


is located 10 km from Olomouc where the waterpark is built with many usage. Offers visitors swimming pool, which has 2 jets for swimming in a counter and also 3 starting blocks. Next you will find children's pool with a length of 100 meter, jacuzzi for 12 people shallow pool with attractions.  If the weather is nice you can use the summer terrace with loungers. There is also a sauna, steam room, fitness center, solarium and massage.


In Bruntal is also a public pool, located in the street Kavalcova 33 and is located in the Orchard town Centre. Basin dimensions are 33x15 meters and its maximum depth of 1.9 meters. Children's wading pool has dimensions 15x15m. There is grassy beach with a playground and a restaurant in the surroundings.

Since April 2010, is a newly opened wellness center Bruntal with all year round operation, located on Dukelska Street No. 14 / 4.  There we have 25 m long swimming pool, relaxation pool, whirlpool, steam sauna, wild river, 100 m long indoor waterslide. For visitors is available a wet bar, not missing a restaurant, fitness center, beauty salon, massage, solarium, sporting goods store.


On the eastern edge of town is a swimming pool in the street Bruntalska. Its size is 25 x 11m with a depth of 1.2 - 2 meters. Childs paddling pool has dimensions 6x3m. Pools are also used for swimming school.

Dalov - flooded quarry

Swimming in a flooded quarry. Grassy beach, forest. In a flooded slate quarry was mined slate until 1942, when miners came to the strong spring of water, leaving it there all the pumps and other mechanical equipment and tools. Within hours, was completely flooded quarry. In 1965 he suffered a disastrous drought of the local area, the water of the quarry was drained for a local cow-house (now a poultry). The ground was cleared and the quarry is slowly re-flooded. Its area is 0.25 ha (according to the official website of the Czech Fishing Association).

Dolni Zleb - fishpond

Bathing in nature. Grassy beach, forest. Near autocamp. Near autocamp 2 km. Dolni Zleb is the northernmost situated settlement in CR, located on the left bank of the Elbe, which have created a 250 m deep canyon in the Cretaceous (Mesozoic) sandstone, the deepest in Europe. The area is part of the Elbe Sandstone protected land area. Valley is in its lower part covered with mixed forest, above which they engage over 100 m high vertical sandstone walls.

Here you can find many rare protected plants and animals. Fly here erne and osprey. The Elbe River is home to over 20 kinds of fish, including the salmon since 1998, which was introduced this year in several tributaries of the Elbe.

Near the train station is a ferry connecting the lower gorges with the right bank of the Elbe.

Fulnek-Jerlochovice – swimming pool.

Possibility of swimming in the area of autocamping. Fast food, accommodation.

Hlucin – swimming pool and the lake.

Swimming in a former gravel pit with a water area of 140 hectares with a maximum depth of up to 8 meters. Gravel and grassy beaches. An extensive recreation area, mini golf, beach volleyball, tennis, table tennis, windsurfing, childs playground with a pool, boat rental. Accommodation, restaurants, beach natura.

Hradec nad Moravici – swimming pool

Swimming pool is located in the sports area in the center of the city Hradec nad Moravicí, 7 km from Opava. Water in pools is adapted from the river Moravice. In the area of swimming pool you will find: swimming pool 50 x 24m, depth 1 - 2,7 m, children's pool 15 x 8m, depth 0.5 m, a volleyball court, playground, slide, courts.

Hradec nad Moravicí – indoor swimming pool and hotel Belaria swimming pool

Indoor swimming pool 10x5 with a depth of 2 meters. The pool is heated to a temperature of 29 ° C. Outdoor swimming pool 20x8 meters in size. Sauna, gym, billiards, table tennis, bicycle rental.

Krnov – indoor swimming pool and outdoor public swimming pool bazén

Town spa

Indoor swimming pool in Krnov lies within the town spa in the city center. The size of the pool is 25x12, 5m with a depth of 0.9 to 1.7 m. Solarium, beauty salon. During the summer holidays the pool is closed. Swimming pool with dimensions of 50x35 meters and grassy beaches. Slide, a playground with a paddling pool. Minigolf, beach volleyball.

Krnov- Petruv fishpond (Balaton)

Natural water area of 7,5ha, east of town.

The base of yachting club, surfing.

Town Albrechtice – swimming pool

Nabrezni Street

Outdoor swimming pool 33x18 and 10x5. Solar heated by water connectors. The banks of the pool are paved, there is a grassy area. Night swimming (for adults only). There is a playground, water slide, children's playground with paddling pool. Buffet, restaurant, grocery shop.

Moravsky Beroun

Local swimming pool is located in the sports area in the city center.

Nova Plan – swimming pool

Local swimming pools of size 15x15 and 5x5 meters. Slides, playground. Buffet, restaurant and guest house nearby. Swimming pool is located near the dam Silesian Harta.

Odry – swimming pool

Size of swimming pools 724 m2 a 325 m2. 90 meters long water slide. Playground, voleyballground, table tennis, skittles, water slide, whirlpool, counter, children's playground with paddling pool and slide. Grassy and paved beach. Accommodation.

More about bathing in the Odry:

Water reservoir Vitovka

bathing in the natural reservoir built with entry into the water, refreshments in the local restaurant. Reservoir is located near the swimming pool in the village Vitovka, Vitkov direction over Heřmanice, 2 km from Odry. Swimming at your own risk!

Water tank Kletno

swimming in nature, food, camp, camping, parking. Coming from the Odry: the Masaryk Square - Street Hranicka, Potocni, Nove Mesto, Skrivanci, turn right towards the mountain range Kletne / 10 km /

Coming from across the Oder Suchdol nad Odra, village Kletne / 13 km /

Swimming at your own risk!

Swimming pool – Novy Jicin

pool with heated water, tel.: 556 704 061

(cca 20 km from Odry)

Swimming pool - Studenka – tel.: 556 403 114 (cca 30 km from Odry)

Olsovec - flooded slate quarry, swimming at your own risk!

Arrival of the Odry: Masaryk Square - Hranicka Street, pumping station, Belotin direction, Hranice. In Belotin behind the railway bridge and turn right onto Stritez n.Ludinou, Olsovec / 15 km /

Vykleky - flooded quarry, swimming at your own risk!

Swimming pool in Hranice na Moravia

renovated resort with several pools, with the possibility of renting chairs, umbrellas and refreshments. Phone: 581 602 460

Arrival of the Oder: Masaryk Square - Hranicka Street, at a pumping station Belotin direction, Hranice na Morave / about 15-16 km /

Hadinka Leisure Centre

swimming pool in a wooded quiet environment, food, or. Accommodation in cabins, tents, parking

Phone: 556 301 412

Coming from the Oder: the Masaryk square to the exit Semperflex Optimit Ltd. direction Vitkov. In the Hermanky –Klokocov, around hospitals for long term care, then about 4 km down to a recreational center Hadinka. / About 21 km from the Oder /

Swimming Vitkov

larger pool and paddling pool, snack

Phone: 556 300 695

Coming from the Oder: the Masaryk square, to exit the Semperflex Optimit Ltd. Vitkov direction, swimming pool is situated above the church. / About 20 km from the Oder /

Odry-Vitovka – water dam and swimming pool

Water reservoir 3 ha with build waterentry. Two swimming pools near the dam. Nature area, forest, grassy beach. Snack.

Opava – indoor swimming pool

Near the city center. Pool measuring 25x13 feet with a depth of 0.8 to 2.2 m. Children's swimming pool 13x4 meters. Sauna, jacuzzi with pool, massage, swimming school. During the summer holidays is an indoor swimming pool closed. Buffet, drinks machine.

Opava - Stribrne lake (Sadrak) – flooded quarry

Opening hours: all year round.

Natural swimming pool 'Silver Lake' is situated in the outskirts of the town of Opava-Katerinky the left bank of the river Opava. Resulting from the flooding of the gypsum quarry. Use for recreation, swimming and fishing. Beaches are the grass with a steeper entry into the water. In the future, with further development of this area as a place of rest and recreation. Availability of public transportation. In the place you can find: beach grass, asphalt playground for football and volleyball, toilets, refreshments at a local restaurant, parking. Area of lake is 6.6 hectares and the size of the lake about 600 x 190 m (the longest and widest points)

Opava, V sadech - swimming

Str. Jaselska 35

Swimming pool can be found in urban gardens in Opava, used for recreational purposes, citizens of Opava and the neighbourhoods. It was built between 1930 - 1931 of 3000 people on an area of 24,000 square meters designed by the architect Otto Reichnera Opava. Water is heated by geothermal heat pumps from the source. Before the main entrance is guarded bicycle parking. The pool area can be found: water slides in length and 71 meters 76 meters, slide, playground, sandy and grassy beach, children paddling around the pool, split pool for swimmers and non-swimmers 100 x 25m, depth of 0.5 to 2.1 m, children's pool „U Vodnika“ 10 x 15m, depth of 0.4 m 2 x playground, beach volleyball, 3 x Petanque pitch, the pitch of the game" Ludo ", miniature golf, sunbathing terraces, refreshments, parking, near bus stop.

Ostrava-Poruba – basin and swimming pool

Str. Gen. Sochora

Dimensions indoor pool: 50x21 m, springboard, children's pool 12x6.One of the pilot facility in 2004 has undergone extensive renovation, which once again put into service and started the first modern traffic handling clients' electronic clearance system that uses an electronic chip card. The works realized in 2008 was a complete change in the locker room floor structures, including underfloor heating, replacement of benches with cupboards and wardrobes implementation of the new tiles in the corridors at the sauna. Thanks to the restoration area steam cabins, visitors have the opportunity again after years of using the popular free service. Toilets in the entrance hall has undergone only return any tiles, but also the addition of a toilet for disabled people.

A key advantage of the whole area is complexity offered recreational services and their mutual relationship. Besides 50 m pool is also a children's pool, where there is swimming lessons for small children. In the outdoor complex featuring a swimming pool measuring 25x12 and paddling pool with heated water for the youngest visitors, plenty of grassy sunbathing area and popular as well as two beach volleyball courts.There is also a modern solarium, two separate saunas comfortable, classic and Flask massages, carbonic baths, and spacious fitness center with top facilities.The pool areas are also possible at a good level of refreshment, there is a standard fast food restaurant.

Ostrava-Poruba – summer pool

Str. Rekreacni

The largest swimming pool in Central Europe. 33,200 square meters pool depth 3.8 m, a wading pool and wading pool 8000 m2 1000 m2, hundred-meter water slide and three slides (50 m  long). Beach volleyball, tennis, table tennis, mini golf, street, wall tennis, skittles, petanque, sporting goods, bicycle storage. Numerous restaurants and snacks.The pool areas are also possible at a good level of refreshment, there is a standard fast food restaurant.

Pochev – water reservoir

20 ha of water area on the river Cizina. Muddy and rocky bottom with a grassy beach. Without refreshment options.

Rymarov  - aquacentrum

Near the hotel „Slunce“ is aquacntre, which is intended for the general public and lovers of water parks. You will find the swimming pool with contraflow, whirlpool, sauna, swimming pool, paddling pool, Finn sauna, hot steam, bubble bath, bath, relaxation room and bar. For nudism and naturism fans, aqua offered at selected times swimming without bikini.

Rymarov-Edrovice - fishpond

Water area size of 40x70 meters with depth max. 4 metres. Playground, slides.

Slatina – swimming pool

Bathing in  v concrete tank fire in the village center. Grassy area.

Slezska Harta – water dam

800 ha of water surface with a natural swimming and water sports. For vastness of the water project is to better utilize the available banks in villages around the Leskovec nad Moravici, Nova Plan, Razova, Roudno. Various catering and accommodation options.

Studénka – swimming pool

Basin in shape of letter „L“ size of 875m2 and depth of 1,8m. Slide, child’s pool 40cm, playground, volleball ground, football, streetball, tennis table, skittles.

Suchdol nad Odrou - Kletne- water reservoir

Grassy beach and forest near small beach and forest near small water reservoir 1,6 ha. Snack.

Suche Lazce, Sedlinka (Prerovec) – water reservoir

Water reservoir large of 8,6ha. Grassy beach, bottom rocky, muddy. Near restaurant.

Svobodne Hermanice – flooded quarry

Swimming in the turquoise water of flooded slate quarry with depths up to 36 meters. Stony shores.

Sternberk – swimming pool

Water slide, children pool, slides, evening swimming, playground entrance with artificial turf.

Uvalno – swimming pool

Size of swimming pool 25x16 metres. Child’s area with little basin.

Slate Trail:

The entire route is 33 km long but ill pass it as a short circuit on foot or by bicycle. There is a risk of injury and therefore it should be put in some parts of the journey, be careful. Along 12 themed information boards where you can learn interesting facts about mining the slate. Also to them, you can find photos, maps, descriptions and examples of fossils of animals and plants. 3 thematic boards are targeted at communities with which you walk. The trail passes through areas Budisov to Old Oldruvky where is the military's area Libava. Trail folows village Cermna in Silesia and Svatonovice. Individual information board: 1 Woodboys, 2 Forest Still Life, 3 Staroldruvecky mill, 4 Rock on, 5 Valley of Oldruvka, 6 Cermens Mill, 7 Above Cermens Mill, 8 Yellow flowers and last 9. Black pit

Cervená hora (Red mount) :

It is the most forgotten volcano of the Czech Republic, which offers tourist attractions. One of them is Gold Lime tree, which is located on the western side. On the information bulletin board you can find interesting battle information contained happend here. About 1.5 km to the west where the mines are located height of the fracture walls reach up to 18 metrů. You can visit here the castle ruins.

Castles, chateaus and ruins:

Tips for castle, chateau and ruin visits or see only from the outside:

Chateau Bilovec is a town vista point.

Chateau Bruntal , which has beautiful park with statuary nearby. You can find a collection of paintings here.

Chateau Dubova is used as a creche now.

Chateau Fulnek where you can see the exterior.

Chateau Hradec nad Moravici is accessible with a guide where you can visit the park with Bezrucovo prospect.

Chateau Klimkovice today used as town municipal office, wedding hall and museum.

Chateau Kyjovice is used as a louží jako retirement homes, there is rare dendrological collection.

Chateau Litultovice with small park.

Chateau Melc accesible is the manor park only.

Chateau Novy Dvur dendrological collection in the manor park.

Chateau Ostrava – Poruba is offen used as cultural events venue.

Chateau Potstat now used as seat of the Municipal Office

Ruin Puchart is accesible year round.

Chateau Radun with extensive library and in the park pond.

Castle Sovinec is a frequently visited tourist office

Chateau Studenka is used as wedding hall, library, and also as Train museum

Ruin Selenburk is year round accesible and there is a pilgrim church and watch tower nearby

Castle Bouzov is on of the most visited castles in Czech republic

Chateau Velke Losiny

Chateau Plumlov

Chateau Tovacov

Ruin Vikstejn is plentifully visited tourist place

Ruin  Cvilin


Andelska Hora – pilgrim chapel St.Anna

Cvilin - church of St. Kriz and Our Lady of Sorrows

Dolni Zivotice – chapel of  Divine Saviour

Hrabine - Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption

Hradec nad Moravici - Silesian calvary

Klokocuvek - rock Virgin Mary – Mariastein

Maria Talhof -  Virgin stone cave

Stara Voda – pilgrim church of St. Anna and St. Jakub

Svaty Kopecek - Minor Basilica of the Visitation of the Virgin

Uhlirsky hill near Bruntal – pilgrim church Virgin Mary

Watch tower and watch out points:

Hermanky, watch out „Svedisch rock“ – free accesible

Hrabyne watch out spot

you can see surroundings Hrabyne, to the Opava plain and then to Poland

Hradec nad Moravici

Bezruc watch out point: you can see the river Moravice valley, park and town, free accesible.

Hradec n. Moravici, Jakubcovice

watch tower  Sance : wooden build, which is open since  2005 is situated at an altitude of about 13 meters with a view of the plains and surrounding Opava hills. You can also see the Water Tower White Castle in Hradec nad Moravici

Klimkovice - Hylov – watch out site offers a good view of the weather and Beskydy Mnts as well as the Moravian Gate and the Oder floodplain, Ostrava, Karvina coal mines and towers, freely accessible.


Lichtenstein watch out tower 29 metres high You can get a beautiful view of Hruby Jesenik, Zlatohorska highland, town Krnov, Opava lowland and Poland.


Jeznik – watch out tower Jeznik is feely accesible with view of  Krnov, Cvilin, Town Albrechtice, part of Poland, Jeseniky and when is nice weather also Beskydy mountains.


freely accesible watch out point, used also as a dam, you can see rock formations and valley below the dam.


watch out point Landek offers view of Privoz. Not far is mining museum ancient or prehistoric mammoth hunters.

Slezska Harta

viewpoint as well as a dam where you can see Hruby Jesenik. Holy Hill - an observation tower with a height of 27 meters (128 steps) is placed in a zoo. Entry is part of  the ticket and you can see a glimpse of the ZOO.


watch out tower of Hans Kulicha offers view of Uvalno and Cvilin

Silesian Harta :

located in the central part of the Low Jesenik – southeast of Bruntal. Uses especially for fishermen but they can be used here and water sports such as sailing and windsurfing.

Rock  formations :

Kruzberk rockies are the most popular place for climbing, where the height of the walls is

Up to the 50 metres.

Maly Rabstyn, Jivova

consists of several roads named for example Dlouha, Kovadlinka, Kominek, Jenicek, Chlapska, Marenka and others.

Potstat rockie town, Bonkov-Potstat it is very hard access to the rockie town.

Resov rockies are up to 40 metres high.

Weisshuhn canal :

We find in this unique village Zimrovice. It is hydroengineering structure, which is 3,5 km long and consists of 2 and 3 water Aquadukt tunels. Canal remains fully functional. Waterworks is a Zimrovice factory object. It is accessible by foot or by bike.

ZOO Saint Kopecek :

There are bred over 250 species of animals such as cats, fish, reptiles, ungulates, are housed in aviaries and natural enclosures. There is accessible and free access to the flying bats. Visitors  can also use the train, which can transit you trough a scenic route. For children is built playground with climbing frames and also swings. There is a goat paddock. Zoo offers an interactive and entertaining programs for teaching in the area zoo. Commented surveys provide personal contact with selected animals.

Hrubý Jeseník

The Jeseníky PLA includes Hrubý Jesenik and adjacent parts of Hanušovice and Zlatohorská uplands. The area was declared a bird area. The highest peak is the Praděd (1491 metres above sea level). The Hrubý Jeseník is divided into three highlands: Keprnické highlands, Praděd's highlands and Medvědské highlands. Keprnická mountainous area is located in the northwestern part of the mountain between the Červenohorské saddle and Ramzová saddle. On the main ridge there are peaks Red hill, Šerák and Keprnik, which is the highest peak of the area (1423 metres above sea level). Pradědská mountainous area lies in the southern part of the mountain between the saddle Skřítek and Červenohorské saddle. Main peaks from the south are Pecný, Břidličná, Jelení hřbet, Velký Máj, Vysoká hole, Petrovy kameny, Praděd (the highest peak of highlands), ěd Grandfather, Velký Jezerník, Výrovka and Velký Klínovec (1164 metres above sea level). From the main ridge to the west there is a huge forked Mravenečník, to west there is ridges of Ostruzna, Vysoké hory. Medvědská mountainous area lies in the northeastern part of the mountain. This area is a flatter, without a noticeable ridge than Keprnická and Pradědská mountainous area. It is divided by the saddle Vidly and extending to the saddle Rejvíz. The main peaks are Medvědí vrch, which is the highest peak (1216 metres above sea level), peak Orlík a Jelení loučky.

Hrubý Jeseník is separand by saddles and important Moravian rivers:

  1. From the Branenská highlands, part of Hanušovice Highlands, on the west is separand by saddle Přemyslov, Nové Losiny and river Branná.
  2. From the Low Jeseník there is dividend by river Černá Opava and river Moravice on the south.
  3. From the Hraběšická highlands there is on the south Klepačský stream and saddle Skřítek.
  4. From the Rychlebské mountains there is on the northwest saddle Ramzová and valley of Černý stream and Ramzovský stream.
  5. From the Rejvíz hilly, part of the Zlathorské Highlands, there is on the norteast saddle Revíz and stress.

On the ridges od Jeseníky there is springing a lot of river, such as Moravia, Opava, Moravice, Opavice, Desná and Bystřice. Some are used for water tourism. Kružberská dam was built on the river Moravice, which is reservoir for drinking water for area of Ostrava. So it can not be used fot recreation and water sports.

The important saddle for Hrubý Jeseník are: saddle Skřítek, Červenohorské saddle, saddle Hvězda (near Karlova Studánka), Ramzové saddle, saddles Vidly and Revíz.

You can visit interesting rock formations: the Devil's Wall, Pasák, Giant Rock,  Kazatelny, Stone Window, Keprník, Pecný, Peter's stones,Vozka, Lost rocks or Tabulové skaly. The most interesting valley is Malá kotlina, Velká kotlina and Sněžná kotlina. Very interesting sprint, stress and waterfalls are Deer's srping, waterfalls of White Ostrava, High waterfalls and Heather spring.

Castles, palaces, ruins:

Úsov – palace and kastle (Olomouc region / Šumperk), Adolfovice- local part of the Bělá under Praděd (Olomouc region / Jeseník), Bludov-castle a palace (Olomouc region/ Jeseník),  Bohdíkov (Olomouc region / Šumperk), Brníčko (Olomouc / Šumperk), Bruntál (Moravskoslezský region), Dubicko (Olomouc region / Šumperk), Edelštejn (Olomouc region / Jeseník), Freudenstein-castle (Moravskoslezský region / Bruntál), Fürstenwalde-castle (Moravskoslezský region / Bruntál), Hoštejn (Olomouc region / Šumperk), Janovice-palace (Moravskoslezský region / Bruntál), Jesenické springs and memorials (Olomouc region / Šumperk), Hradisko in the past Kaltenštejn (Olomouc region/ Jeseník), Koberštejn (Olomouc region/ Jeseník), Lesnice (Olomouc region / Šumperk), Leuchtenštejn (Olomouc region / Jeseník), Lipová spa memorial (Olomouc region/ Jeseník), Loučná above Desná (Olomouc region / Šumperk), Mírov (Olomouc region / Šumperk), Mnichov-local part of Vrbno under Praděd (Moravskoslezský region / Bruntál), Nemile (Olomouc region/ Šumperk), Ney castle by Hanušovice (Olomouc region/ Šumperk), Pleče-local part of Jindřichov (Olomouc region / Šumperk), Pustý castle – Veisenštejn (Moravskoslezský region / Bruntál), Quinburk (Moravskoslezský region / Bruntál) ,Rabenštejn (Moravskoslezský region / Bruntál), Rabštejn (Olomouc region / Šumperk), Ruda above Morava (Olomouc region / Šumperk), Skalička-local part of Zábřeh (Olomouc region / Šumperk), Sobotín (Olomouc region / Šumperk), Strálek (Olomouc region / Šumperk), Jánský vrch (North Moravia).

Possibilities for skiing:

Stříbrnice lies in Hynčice under Sušina by Staré Měst under Sněžník, ski area Proskil Branná, Ski area Červenohorské saddle, Ovčárna-Praděd, Petříkov ,Přemyslov, Stará Ves, Ramzová, Klepáčov and Filipovice

Spa and wellness :

Spa Karlova Studánka –  for the public a pool with salt water and many hydrotherapy attractions (neck massage gargoyles, wall jets, whirlpool, bubble chairs and benches, stream bed springs, champagne pearls, Finnish sauna, tepidarium, salt steam room, relaxation of "hot sand" with a parasol)

Jeseník - spa, spa Bludov – particularly for family with children, Lipová – spa Lipůvka and Priessnitz spa.

In Hrubý Jeseník you can visit many natural monument such as:

Bedřichov - tree, Bílá Opava, Borek by Domašov, Břidličná – nature reserve, Bučina under Františkova myslivna, Black lake, cave Na Špičáku, Čertovy kameny – chalet and rocky view, Divoký důl, Filipovické louky, Františkov – nature reserve, Franz-Franz, Geopark in Karlova Studánka, Gryngle -Bludov, Heřmanovická cave, Chebzí – natural monument, Chlapecké rocks, Jelení bučina – Nature reserve, Spa Na Pomezí, Karlova Studánka, Karlovice, Kazatelny, Lesní bar, Lípa by Lost stream, Lipinka - park, Malá kotlina, Medvědí rocks, Mnichův kámen, Morgenland, Mravencová cesta, Nad Alfrédkou, National nature reserve Šerák - Keprník, Nýznerovské waterfalls, Niva Branné, National nature reserve Praděd, national nature reserve Rejvíz in Jeseníky, Sheep rock, Pasák, Peter's stones, Pod Jelení studánkou – nature reserve, Pod Slunečnou strání, Pod Trlinou, Přemyslovské saddle, Pstruží stream, Pustá Rudná – nature reserve, Rabštejn – Nature reserve, peat-bog Skřítek, Rejvíz, Rešovské waterfalls, Rolandův stone, Růžová, Skalní stream – Nature reserve Slatě (r), Smrčina – natural monument, Sněžná kotlina, Suchý vrch – nature reserve, Šerák, Giant rocks, Smolný vrch.

In Hrubý Jeseník you can visit some famous view-tower such as Borůvková view-tower, which lies in north part of Rychlebské mountains. It looks like lighthouse tower but the journey is real experience. The next famous view – tower is Praděd, where is beautiful view of the power station Dlouhé Stráně and Beskydy mountains. The most famous view – tower is Zlatý Chlum, which has view of Rychlenbské mountains, Poland, Hruby Jeseník and Down Jeseník. View – tower Romanka is another dokout tower, which is located in the Hrubý Jeseník. It is one of our towers as the lowest situated view – tower, there is you can see Ještěd, Sněžka.

Another interesting of Jeseníky is water power Dlouhé Stráně. It is consisted by two upper reservoir and lower reservoirs. The lower reservoir with an area of 16 ha and the upper reservoir is an artificial lake at the peak. Lakes are accessible only for cyclists and pedestrians. You can visit water power. The lower reservoir is located on the Wild Desna River with a total volume of 3.4 million cubic meters, dam height is 56 m. The upper reservoir is located on the peak Dlouhé Stráně at an altitude of 1,350 m with a total volume of 2.72 million m3. This hydropower is certainly good to see you.. You can walk up the hill to reservoir or as an excursion for children.