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Small and Big Fatra, Orava

Mala Fatra is located in the northwestern part of Slovakia. Part of Mala Fatra was proclaimed National Park in 1967. There are rocky dolomite peaks, such as Small and Large Rozsutec. The highest peaks are Great Krivan (1709 m), Little Krivan, Big Rozsutec and Big Stack. Among major cities include Žilina, Martin and Dolny Kubin. In winter the ski resorts frequented by Martin sticks, Valčianska Valley and Vrátná Valley.

Where to go for entertainment in the Small Fatra:
  • You have the opportunity to visit the First Zilina Golf Club, which offers the possibility to rent golf clubs and golf simulators
In Mala Fatra, you can visit various museums such as:
  • Považská Art Gallery - offers a variety of exhibitions from all art disciplines
  • Slovak Bethlehem Rajecka Forest - here is a crib dimensions: 8 meters in length and 3 meters in height, which is located about 300 characters
  • Museum of Jewish Culture - you can see a collection of sacred objects
The most visited ski resorts in the Small Fatra are:
  • Valcianska Valley is the modern area, there is a four-seater chairlift and 5 tows, you can find the groomed cross country trails with a length of 12km, then downhill slopes with a length of 2300 m and 2360 m
  • Martin's hole is located under the city of Martin, there is the possibility of cross-country skiing, ski rent, snowboard park
  • Čičmany - has 5 lifts and 3 slopes, which are variously demanding and their length is 1.2 km
  • Ski Center Vratna Free Time Zone - is suitable for beginners and advanced skiers, there are available 15 lifts and 2 chairlifts, 18 ski trails and 14 kilometers of ski trails and night skiing, you'll find a newly built area for children Tížinka
In Mala Fatra, you can also find many castles and palaces:
  • Budatinsky castle - now a museum
  • Chateau Kunerad - this castle is a typical corner tower and now serves as the hospital and its surroundings you can visit the castle Zniev, Lietava or Strecno
  • Strečno Castle is located above the left bank of the River Vah, the castle offers an exhibition on the architectural development and tour of the castle
  • ruins of castle Lietava - the most extensive ruins of the Slovak Republic, while climbing the ruins you'll see a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside

In Mala Fatra have the opportunity to see the ruins of castles, including ruins Hričovshého Castle, Old Castle or ruin Zniev

Small Fatra offers natural attractions:
  • Small Krivan, which is the second highest peak, it is located at the crest Kriváňské Fatra and also serves as an observation point
  • Big Rozsutec is one of the richest botanical sites in the Slovak Republic and serves as a viewing point
  • Kľak also serves as an observation point and is located in the southern part of the Lučanská Fatra
  • Minčol is the top, from which you can see the main ridge of Low Tatras, the top Big Kriváň
  • Big Krivan, which is known to have the highest peak of Small Fatra, serves as an observation point
  • Klacky waterfall is 30 meters high and is located in a Dlha valley
  • peak Suchý is a nice lookout point in the southwestern part of the Fatra Krivánské

    Small Fatra offers nature trails, which you can visit:
  • Diery educational trail is 3 km long and includes 10 stops with three information boards
  • Nature Trail National Park Mala Fatra is long 5-16 km and has 15 stops
  • Nature Trail Rajecke Teplice - Porúbka - is about 5.6 kilometers long and the road has 16 stops, the trail is moderately difficult
  • Sutovsky Valley Nature Trail – is a 6 km long with five stops and you can see the Šútovsky waterfall
  • Vysehrad nature trail is 2 km long and includes 6 stops
  • Nature trail Chleb is 4.5 km long and includes 15 stops, this circuit is not difficult

Big Fatra

Big Fatra is divided into 2 parts - Liptovsky and Turcianske ridge. It belongs to the most beautiful mountains in the Slovak Republic. Big Fatra has extensive forests and beautiful valleys. Big Fatra became in 2002 the national park. The highest peak is Ostredok, which measures 1,592 meters above sea level. Near the town Rožomberok is located Besenova Thermal Park and reservoir Liptovska Mara.

Where to go for entertainment in the Big Fatra:
  • Thermal Park Besenova – there are 5 new pools with different water temperature, water has beneficial effects on your body

The Great Fatra you can visit various museums such as:

  • Archaeological exhibition – Castle Liptov Kalameny
The most visited ski resorts in the Big Fatra:
  • Jasenska Valley has 7 lifts, a ski lift and 7 lines
  • Ruzomberok has the ski slopes with a length of 12 km, cable car, 4 chair lifts, 2 ski lifts and 4 ski lifts for beginners

In the Great Fatra, you can find a chateau Turcianske Teplice
Big Fatra offers natural attractions:

  • Liptovska Mara is a dam on the river Váh, the dam height is 45 meters and is the second largest dam on the Slovak Republic, there is swimming, sailing or surfing
  • Ostredok is the highest peak of Big Fatra, which is all grass, from its peak Kremnicke badly to see Hills, Western Tatras, High Tatras and Low Tatras
  • Poland is a huge peak, from which it is possible panoramic view of the surrounding area
  • Tlstá is a high peak
  • Lysec is the peak, there is a beautiful view of the surrounding
  • You can also see the northernmost peak of Big Fatra Śíp, a rocky peak and sharp peak Borišov


It is a good place for winter and summer. It offers a beautiful countryside. Located in the northernmost part of the Slovak Republic. There are cities Tvrdošín, Dolný Kubín or Oravský Podzámok.

In the Orava region, you can visit the museum of forestry in the Orava region

The most visited ski resorts in the Orava region are:

  • Havrania offers 3 lifts, one lift and the slopes are regularly covered with snow, ski trails are all sports
  • Uhlisko Ski Center offers a line of length 1400 and 300 meters, then 3 lifts with a total length of 1820 m
  • Kubínská Hola has 8 ski lifts, ski runs 11 km in length and cross-country trails with a length of 10 km
The Orava region can also find and castles:
  • Orava Castle – there is a museum of nature and archeology archeology
  • Chateau Vyšný Kubin

Who would want to look closer into the neighborhood, you can visit the tower Skorušina, which is 13 meters high
Orava offers natural attractions:

  • Babia Mountain is located between the Slovak-Polish border and is a nature reserve
  • Pilsko is the highest mountain peak of Orava Beskydy and you can see the beautiful view of the surrounding