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Southern Slovakia

Southern Slovakia is situated in the Danube basin, which is largely flat. Here the sources of the river Danube, Vah, Nitra and Horn, which have created excellent conditions for agriculture, especially for growing grapes. There are many thermal pools, which attract tourists from around the world. In this area there are cities like New Locks, Dunajska Streda, Nitra, Komarno, Galanta, Levice, Velký Meder a Zlaté Moravce.

Where to go for entertainment in the southern Slovak:
  • Who loves flowers, can visit the botanical garden in Nitra, where the middle is an artificial lake where one can find useful and ornamental greenery, tropical and subtropical plants and the plants of the temperate zone
  • Who is more sport fans can visit the Welten Golf Club, which offers 18 holes
  • There are many thermal pools, which include: Thermal park Vadas, Thermal park Diakovce, Thermal park Santovka Wellness, Thermal park Vincov forest, Thermal park Meder, Galandia, Thermal park Podhajska, Termal park Poľný Kesov, Thermal park Horné Saliby, Thermal Park Dunajska Streda.
In the southern Slovak can visit various museums such as:
  • Rome Lapidary offers statues, sarcophagi and stone altar from the late fourth Century BC
  • Big House folk housing Veľké Úľany, Šaľa a Matúškovo - offers a view of people living in rural areas
Even in the southern Slovak can also find many castles and palaces:
  • Skýcov Castle is located about 80 km west of the village Skýcov and is dominated by a corner tower
  • Strength of New Castle is a Renaissance fortress where a piece of it you can see the waterfalls on the river Nitra
  • Levického ruins of the castle dates from the 13th Century, you can see the original plaster and fragments of walls, perimeter walls and the castle where a museum
  • Nitra Castle is a National Historic Landmark, which is made up of Gothic, Romanesque and Renaissance buildings, before entering the castle, you'll see a column Marian of Martin Vogerle.

In the southern Slovak have the opportunity to see the ruins, which include: Gýmeš ruins, ruins Tekov, Živánská tower and the ruins of the Vyškovciach.

Who would want to take a closer look around, you can visit some of the tower:
  • Tower Skýcov - Lime Hill is 18.5 meters high and made of wood
  • Fir Kostoľany Tower offers a beautiful view of the entire region
South Slovakia offers nature trails, which you can visit:
  • Nature trail Zobor is about 4km long and on the road you will find a total of 8 information panels, the path leads past the ruins of Zobor
  • Nature trail Meteorit Rumanová is about 1.4 kilometers long and the road you will find information boards, gazebo, pond and benches, is called a meteorite, it was found that the meteorite, which is now in the National Museum
  • In the footsteps of the old ore mining industry in the Pukanec, there is 5.2 km long and contains a total of 12 information sheets that you get acquainted with flora and fauna in this area
  • Nature Trail Číčovské oxbow lake is 6 km long and includes 12 information sheets
  • Nature Trail Zobor II. is about 5 km long and 8 information, see through panels
  • Nature trail Čajkovské Bralie is 5 km long and contains a total of 5 information sheets

Bratislava and its surroundings

Bratislava is the capital of the Slovak Republic. Bratislava is the seat of the president, parliament and government. You can get to this city in several ways: by air, by car or rail. There are many attractions, including the Bratislava Zoo, Dinopark or Bratislava Castle. Just on the outskirts of the city are marked tourist routes Little Carpathian Mountains. You will find the vineyard town of Pezinok with a rich history. There is also a large number of nature trails and bike routes. Village of Blue is the wine village, which boasts to be a forest park and wine traditions. Or you can visit the Thermal Center of Sunny lakes.

Where to go for fun in Bratislava:
  • Who loves golf can visit the Indoor Pressburg Golf Club, which is often sought golfers on 14 hectares offers 9 holes, a terrace for rest and training areas
  • The second golf course called Golf and Country Club Bratislava, which has 18 holes and beautiful countryside around
  • You can also visit the garden Bothnian Comenius University, where you can see all kinds of flowers
  • Dinopark in Bratislava has seen in animal models of life-size, some of them issued by the sounds
  • Zoo in Bratislava has seen nearly 1307 animals

Around Bratislava is only a ski resort called Pezinská Baba, which offers 5 lifts and 3 ski slopes, there are tracks, which are of varying length

Even in Bratislava you can find many castles and palaces:

Unfortunately, not all can attend, but still worth it to see them at least from the outside

  • Cerveny Kamen Castle, offers a picture gallery to see the castle, an underground facility or historical weapons
  • Devínsky castle is a ruin and is dominated by a fragment of the object
  • Castle and chateau in Rusovce, you can see the stairs, halls and lounges with paneled walls

In Bratislava, you can see the ruins and castles, including ruins of the Dragon's castle, ruins of Plavecký hrad, ruind of Biely Kameň castle or ruins of castle above village Kuchyňa.

Who would want to take a closer look around, you can visit some of the tower:
  • Oak - Kukla is 11 meters high
  • Blue - Large Homola, is 20 meters high
  • Chamois is a television transmitter, which is 200 meters high and seventy feet to a restaurant

Bratislava also offers an interesting natural Devínska Kobyla, which rises nearly 400 metres above the river Morava, it is a national nature reserve covering 101 hectares

Which educational trail you can visit in Bratislava:
  • Nature trail Niva Morava is 23 km long and offers a total of 16 information sheets on the way to admire the beauty of nature
  • Educational trail Biskupské lužné lesy is offering a total of 2 laps, the first six kilometers long and the other is 8 km long
  • Educational trail Plavecký kras offers a way to see the abyss, karst springs and cave niches, is 8 km long in total and has a 7 on the road information boards