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Moravian-Silesian Beskydy mountains

Beskydy is divided into western and eastern part. PLA Beskydy is the largest protected area in the Czech republic. It is including higher and middle positions of Moravian - Silesian Beskydy, mostly Javorniky which forms the border to Slovakia and Vsetín higlands. The highest peak is Lysa hill, which measures 1323 metres above sea level. Here are the sources of rivers Bečva and Ostravice. There is a beautiful and pure nature but also several cities that are located near the mountain range. Such as Frýdek-Místek, Jablunkov, Třinec, Frýdlant over Ostravice, Frenštát under Praděd, Valašské Meziříčí, Vsetín, Karolinka, Zlín and Slušovice. In these places are concentrated sights, culture, recreation and tourist services.

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In Beskydy mountains you can find many marked trails, ski tors, ski slopes with synthetic snow, running trail, bike trails, riding hall, tennis- courts, swimming pool. In winter you can go to ski resorts such as Pustevny, Malenovice, Soláň, Velké Karlovice, Javorový, Troják, Portáš, Skalka, Bumbálka, Lysá hill etc. In summer you can visit water area like water reservoir Šance in Staré Hamry, water reservoir Morávka and recreational reservoir Bystřička.

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In area of Beskydy there are many tourist interests and oportunities for active rest. You can have fun in Trojanovice rope centrum Tarzanie or you can visit the open-air museums Mlýnská dolina, Valašská dědina or Wooden town. You can go to Lysá hill or mount Radhošť. In town Zlín you can see Bata skyscraper, kastle Malenovice or chateau and ZOO Lešná.

PLA Beskydy mountains is the largest protected area of Czech republic. There are many nature interests with occurrence of precious Carpathian animals and vegetation. It is including bob cat, wolf, and bear.

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The importance of the protected landscape area Beskydy is underscored by the announcement of 53 small-scale specially protected areas (7 national nature reserves, 23 nature reserves and 23 natural monuments), spatial overlap with the PLA internationally important bird area (IBA) and protected areas of natural water accumulation.

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Hostýn-Vsetin highlands
located to the east of Moravia and affiliated to the Beskydy (Western Beskydy). To the east is getting to the border with Slovakia. Located between Javorniky and Beskydy. The mountains is over 55 km, where the western part consists of Hostýnské hills and dominat is the top part of Hostýn.

East Vsetin hills, which are higher. Between eastern and western parts flows river Horní Becva. The landscape is mostly forested with isolated meadows. Several recreation centers, for winter tourism is particularly Solan and Bumbalka.

Carpathian Mountains on the eastern Moravia forms the boundary with Slovakia. Javorníky mountains are ordered the Moravian Carpathians, which are part of the Western Carpathians.

Towards the south-west Javorníky adjacent to White Carpathians and the limits are Lyský Pass. On the northwest there is a Hostýnsko-vsetínská highlands, the border is through the Makovský pass with valley of Vsetínská Bečva. The highest peak of Javorníky is Little Javorník. Highlands is 30 km long, width about 5 – 10 km. Javorníky highlands are part of the PLA Beskydy mountains. A typical feature of the landscape is scattered settlements and forested ridges. Starting points for the mountain are villages in the valley Vsetínské Bečva, such as Great Karlovice, Karolinka or New Hrozenkov.

In free time, you can visit the Tropic ZOO in Zlín where you can see exotic animals and vegetations. For entertainment you can go to Tarzanie, a rope mountain park, which has 7 lines hanging rope barriers on the trees at a height of 4-12. There are different kinds of difficulty.

Another possibility is an amusement park Gibbon which is also climbing center in the swimming pool in the Rožnov under Radhošt. Here you can find a children's park, miniature golf, lift and G-Jump. Obstacle race is 423 meters long and runs partly over the river Becva.

Furthermore, there can be found at Ski Resort Mosty u Jablunkova, which focuses on year-round activities such as the bobsleigh track, a climbing center, children's climbing center, climbing wall, bungee trampolines, trampolines for children, children's amusement park, downhill mountain scooter, downhill rope - Gorolszus. In winter the resort offers 3 groomed downhill course with a total length of 2100 m, artificial snow, ski trails are lit, snow park, ski school, 44 km of groomed trails, ski service brand, services and upland habitats bobsled, which is open all year.

Who likes to golf, golf courses in Zlin (Kostelec) or Prosper Golf Resort Čeladná.

You can visit many ski resorts in winter:
  • Ski resort Bílá
  • Bumbálka
  • Ski lift in Zlín
  • Ski resort Kyčerka, Machůzky, Přelač, Soláň, Grúň, Armáda, Sachovka, Javorový vrch, Pustevny, Severka, Zlatník, Mezivodí, Búřov, Mosty u Jablunkova, Řeka, Kohátka, Jasenka, Palkovice, Hrádek or Razula

Moravian – Silesian Beskydy has many palaces and castles such as:>
  • Palace Choryně,about 8 km form Valašské Meziříčí
  • Castle Broumov, lies north from town Bylnice, eastwards from Luhačovice
  • Palace Frýdek-Místek which lies in Moravskoslezský regio
  • Palace Vsetín, which lies in Zlínský regio
  • Hukvaldy is a ruin sof kastle in same name village Hukvaldy in distrikt Frýdek-Místek in Moravian-Silesian regio
  • Palace Lešná lies near Zlín
  • Palace Vizovice lies in Zlínský regio
  • Palace Kinský stands on the right bank of Rožnov Bečva in the northern part of Valašské Meziříčí in Zlínský regio
  • Castle Malenovice lies near Zlín
  • Palace Stará Ves over Ondřejnice lies in Moravian – Silesian regio
  • Palace Ropice and Hnojník
  • Palace Bílá

You can visit view-tower such as:
  • Čubův hill, which is 18 meters high
  • Velká Čantoryje 29 m high
  • Kabátice view-tower 23 meters high
  • Čerťák view-tower 26 meters high
  • Doubrava Loučka is 55 meters high but the public is open to a height of 33.6 m
  • The tower Okouhlá is 55 meters high and serves as a telecommunication tower
  • Frenštátská Town Hall Tower
The natural attractions that you can see:
  • Filipka or Lačkov – natural monuments
  • The rocks under Tisovým, here you can see 4 towers (rock formations) of up to 12 meters
  • Rock Medovka
  • Lysa hill
  • Water tank Moravka or Chance
  • Devil's Mill in Beskydy mountains
  • Ondrejnik a mountain massif, and you can also find a nature reserve Skalka
  • Klenov, Mionší, Palkovické Bree, Grassy, Salajka, Velký Polom or Pulčín-Hradisko which are nature reserves
  • Lake Sea eye
  • natural monument Králky or Jarcovská Kula
  • Castle Hill Hukvaldy
  • Sharp Mountain in Ostravice
  • Water tank Bystřička or Olešná
  • Devil's Rocks in Lidečko
  • Kněhyně which is one of the most massive mountain of Beskydy
  • Pivečkův forest park serves as a relaxation zone
  • White Cross is known for hiking trails and paths for cyclists
  • Lačnovské Rocks
Among the most popular trails include:
  • Hradisko trail has a total of 3 laps about 3-10 km in length and contains 11 information sheets
  • Educational cycling trail of Hugolína Gavlovič is 35 km long
  • Trail Klenov is about seven kilometers long and has 10 panels
  • Trail Sources of the river Morávka is about 14 km with 9 information boards.
  • Trail Radegast is approximately 9 km long and has 10 panels
  • Other trails include trail Jahodná, Lukov, Královec, neighborhood Vsetín, Devil's Mill, Frenštát under Radhošť, Javorníky etc.
Also you can visit:
  • Valašské museum Mlýnská dolina
  • Wallachian Village is the largest resort Wallachian Museum
  • Shoe Museum in Zlín
  • National Cultural Monument Ploština
  • Wood town
  • Moravian Tapestry Manufactory
  • EXOTIC Gallery offers you sample a variety of butterflies and beetles from around the world
For relaxation, the opportunity to visit a variety of rehabilitation and leisure facilities which include:
  • Beer spa in Písek near Jablunkov
  • Various wellness and rehabilitation centers: Relax or hotel Eroplán in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, hotel Odra in Ostravice, Wellness hotel Rusava, salt cave in Malenovice, wellness hotel Horal in Velké Karlovice
  • the most famous spa town is Luhačovice