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Ore Mountains

Ore Mountains form a continuous mountain massif, which stretches the length of 130 km. Forms the border between the Czech Republic and Germany. The highest peak is Klínovec, which measures 1244 meters. The greater part of the Ore Mountains is located in the area of Usti nad Labem. The bulk is composed of crystalline schists or deep volcanic rock. Ore Mountains are composed of several units, which include such Klínovecko mountainous area or Cínovecká Plain. In the Czech Ore Mountains is drained by Eger and Bílina. On the slopes of the Ore Mountains collect river water Svatava, Rotava, and Rolava Bystrica pass picturesque valleys. The bogs of Mount St. Catherine's River rises Chomutovka. There are also reservoir, which can be used for recreational purposes. Ore Mountains offers the presence of mineral resources and medicinal springs, which have become important for spas.

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In the Ore mountains you can go for entertainment:

For example, you can visit Squashcentrum in Chomutov, which offers many attractive services, which include a solarium, sauna, many different exercises (indoor cycling, yoga, power yoga, exercise balls on ....) Fitness with individual training.

Zoopark, which is also located in Chomutov, where you can see over 160 species of animals, children, there is built a small climbing center, you can ride the Safari-Express. To the zoo is also allowed dogs on a leash and muzzled.

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Other zoos in this area can be found in Usti nad Labem and Teplice.

Even in the Ore mountains, you can find golf courses:
  • City golf and racing club in Karlovy Vary
  • Golf Club in Teplice
  • Golf Club Terasy in Ústí nad Labem
  • Golf Resort Barbora, which is accessible since 2005
The most visited ski resorts in the Ore Mountains are:
  • Ski Resort Czech Jiretin has 4 lifts and 3 slopes
  • Ski Resort wedges are among the largest winter sports center
  • Ski Resort offers Osek 190 m long slope
  • Ski Resort Klínovec is the biggest ski resort
  • Ski Brandov is suitable for snowboarding with natural waves on the slope
  • Ski Resort offers daily Bublava night skiing, snowboard park with ski jumps and obstacles, and many others
  • Other ski resorts include Ski Resort gift of God, Mezihoří, Proud, Bournak, Teplice, and other New Hamry
Even in the Ore Mountains, you can also find many castles:
Unfortunately, not all can see but still worth looking at them at least from outside
  • Chateau Mašťov located in the Chomutov and lies on the Château hill
  • Chateau Grand Březno - you can see the "dining room" with the renaissance richly cut the lining and the "Mirror Hall" with ceiling, fireplace and stucco decoration
  • Chateau Teplice is important for its painted coffered ceiling, rich stucco decorations. And you can see the exposure of spas, historical hours or ceramics
  • Kadaň castle was recently renovated and you can find an internet cafe, library or city hall ceremony
  • Chateau Libouchec can only admire from the outside, but maybe in the future will be made available for events
  • Chateau Duchcov - Potential foreign language interpretation
  • Chateau Trmice passed today as a cultural center and you can see the exhibition of regional history of mining and industry as well as a popular model railroad museum with an exhibition of models of cities and railways
  • among others include: Castle Lake, Saint, Castle Hauenštejn, Hasištejn, Hnevin Castle, Castle Klášterec nad Ohri, Wallenstein Chateau Litvinov, Castle Red Castle, castle and chateau Vildstejn Bilina
Who would want to look closer into the neighborhood, you can visit some of the lookout:
  • City Tower Jirkov is high, approximately 29 meters from where you can see a glimpse of the city wall and the Ore Mountains
  • Lookout Tower in Duchcov reaches a height of about 42 m
  • Haj at Asa is 34 meters high and offers a look at the Karlovy Vary region and part of Germany
  • Tower Hill St. Kadan is about 16 meters high.
  • Tisovský Tower Hill is a high of about 25m. open all year round
  • Tower Hill Blatensky is 21 meters high. offers insight into all the world
  • Plešivec tower is high 19m. and offers a view of West Bohemia Ore Mountains, Doupov Mountains and the Slavkov Forest
  • City Tower Chomoutov
  • the other lookout tower such as berries or Lead Hill at Kraslice

The Ore Mountains offers natural attractions:
  • Jezerka nature reserve, where you can find to be the oldest tree on behalf of Žeberská lime, there are many rare birds, reptiles and rare plant species and the environment here is very beautiful
  • High stone in the Ore Mountains is a quartzite rock formation where it is built atop a viewing platform overlooking the Slavkov Forest, Czech Forest, Fichtelgebirge, Ore mountains and partial views to Germany
  • Prunéřovské valley has been declared a natural park, where we see the collapse Hasištejn or group of protected trees
  • Bear Rock is the highest peak Rudolická hilly region, which lies in the Most from the top is a beautiful view of the surrounding rock towers that have been built
  • Jeweler is partly rocky peak in the valley Bílina from which you can see the Czech Middle Mountains and the Ore Mountains
  • Těšovický waterfall called Patníkáč is nearly three meters tall and is a tributary of the river Eger
  • Wolf Pit is known that even in the summer to find a partial presence of ice. You can see deep depressions 15-25 m.
  • Water tank Genoa is one of the highest in the CR and is located near the village Křížatky
  • Botanical Garden in Teplice offers a great variety of flora, but also you can see the aquarium and aquatic turtles
  • Crown mineral water is available all year round and is a fountain, which rises from the river Eger
  • Dvorak's sets are beautiful and relaxing spa park
  • Helen's Falls is located on Nivském creek and waterfall is about 4 m high, underneath there are two other low
  • Japanese Garden serves primarily as a meditation space and a resting place
  • Water reservoir created by damming Nechranice river Eger, which is built on the dam with a height of 50 meters and a length of 3280 meters, you can use the tank for water sports, fishing, swimming even for sailing
  • Komari Bree is located on the eastern Erzgebirge. Is it possible to get there in the summer on the bike, on foot and in winter cross country skiing or quietly built a cable car. On display is the Czech Central Mountains and Teplice
  • Nature Reserve Bořeň found on the south side of town Bilina, forming a forested rocky hill, which recalls the seated lion. There is also a rock formation that is used for rock climbers as a training wall
  • Svatošské rocks found in the Slavkov Forest Protected Landscape Area covering an area of two hectares, is the abundance of rare flora and fauna and you can see huge granite rocks
  • Goethe rock is declared a natural monument with an area of 2.56 hectares, is a memorial plaque poet JW Goethe. The rock formation is 400 meters long and wide 10m.
  • You can visit Borecké ponds, peat bogs Cínovecká, Berta Valley Pekelský Valley Rašovické rock rock eye, the Sphinx, Theresienstadt and others view
Ore Mountains also offers nature trails, which you can visit:
  • Nature trail history and nature of Osek measuring about 10km and has 11 information boards that are focused on zoology, paleontology and ecology
  • Gabriela trail is about 18 km long and offers 20 information boards about the forest, the history and nature.
  • Nature Trail Large Ore dump is only 3.2 km long and is focused on botany, geology, zoology and ecology
  • Mountain hiking trail Potucky a bit more demanding on the physical condition because its range is about 12.5 kilometers with 13 information boards

Anyone who would rather like to relax, you can visit spa resorts which are located in this area such as a spa Teplice, spa Dubí or spa Evženka.