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Czech Forest and Šumava

Czech Forest and Šumava mountains are among the oldest mountains in Europe. Hot zone stretches in southwestern Bohemia on the border with Austria and Germany. Šumava mountains in the southeast continues to Novohradské Mountains. Total length of this mountain belt is around 200m. Šumava is divided into six parts including: Železná mountainous area, Sumava Plains, Boubín mountainous area (the highest), Trojmezná mountainous area, a mountainous area Želnavská and Vltavická wake. The highest point of Šumava is Velký Javor, which measures 1456 meters and is situated on the German side of the border a few kilometers from Ruda. The highest peaks of the Czech part is Plechý 1378, Trojmezná 1361, Boubín 1362 Lake Mountain 1343 meters. Many springs and bogs, creeks and streams to major rivers - the Vltava and Otava River - Šumava ranks among the major headwater area. On the ridges of the Šumava mountains rises some known rivers - the Vltava, which is considered a national river, rises in the mountain moor on the border with Germany and its tributaries, drains almost the entire southern part of the Sumava National Park. Otava then diverts water from its tributaries, most of the western part of the park. Other rivers include stemming in the Šumava are Lužnic,e Volyňka, Blanice and Úhlava. The Šumava is situated five lakes of glacial origin which include Black Lake, which its size is 18.4 hectares of the largest lakes in our country and then Plešné lake, Čertovo lake, lake Laka and Prášilské lake. Sumava mountain´s fauna also boasts some very valuable species, including: European deer, grouse, partridge, and slowly returning the river otter, eagle owl. There are rara snails. In 1963 the region was declared a protected area and in 1991 established a national park in its most valuable parts.

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Šumava mountains is beautiful and peaceful environment and many tourists come there. At the PLA launched 32 small areas is especially protected natural territory of which 4 NPR, 13 PR, 1 IPA, and 14 PP.

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Number of tourist sites in the Šumava mountains is great. You can see for example, even the PLA Šumava, Šumava plains, Black Lake, Lipno water reservoir, Forest Boubín, Vítkův stone, Spicak and many other interesting places which are definitely worth seeing.

You can go to view-tower, including:
  • Lake moor, which is high 7 metres
  • Klostermann Tower on Javorník offers beautiful views of the Šumava mountains
  • Svatobor is off to a height of about 31 meters with a circular sighted, from which you can see for example the castle ruins Rabi or chapel of St. Ann
  • Kurzova view-tower is 17 meters high and offers views of the entire Chodsko and the border region of Bavaria to the Danube basin
  • Meridian Tower is one of the modern tower, which was refurbished in 1998
  • Bolfánek tower is a stone building with one viewing platform, which lies at a height of 25m, otherwise the whole tower itself is high 45m.View-tower has a beautiful panoramic view of the surroundings, where you can see Plzen, Přimda, panorama Šumava and Brdy.
  • Libín tower is a stone and 27 meters high, the tower has a panoramic view of Prachatice,Vysočina, Novohradské mountians and Sumava Mountains, and on very good terms, you can see the Austrian Alps
  • Kleť lookout tower is the oldest stone in this country and in fine weather you can see the peaks of the Alps
  • Pancíř tower is located about 6km from Iron Ores
  • Březinka tower is primarily for mobile operators for the signal propagation
  • Tower Hill Bohušův is 16 m high with a viewing platform, which lies at an altitude 14m.Je There is a beautiful view of the city Plana, Czech and Slavkov Forest.
  • A new tower Slabošovka near Besednice offers a view of the Blanský forest, Novohradské mountains and part of Šumava
  • Black Tower Klatovy is 81 meters high, which dominates the city and it is a beautiful view of the region
  • Other tower, you can visit the Voyager or Čestice
Šumava offers many natural attractions:
  • Great Devil bracelet and Devil's Gate, Large Devil Devil bracelet or a travel bag is called a group of boulders that have different sizes and rises to a height of 6 meters and the circumference measured 28 m
  • Špičák in the Šumava mountains on the slopes of a ski resort that offers skiing for beginners and advanced, well-known through the trail Železnorudsko
  • Vltavský meadow is a natural monument Sumava National Park, has lived here many protected animals and plants, and therefore this area is closed to the public
  • Zelenovský pond has built a sluice gate that regulates water drainage in the other three ponds, which are called Strakovský, Radešovský and Zelenovský.
  • Jilmová rock is a natural monument and is part of the PLA. The area is valuable flora, rare fungi and rock wall
  • Ponds near Rozvadov are nature reserves where there are abundant growths of moss, sphagnum moss, grass
  • Prášilské lake is a glacial lake with an area of 3.7 hectares, and extends to a depth of 15 meters. The lake is part of Nature Reserve
  • Water tank Nyrsko serves as a reservoir for drinking water for Domažlice and Pilsen, the lake area is 148 ha and the depth reaches up to 34 meters
  • Devils Lake is of glacial origin with an area of 9.7 hectares and the depth in places reaches 36m. Lake among the most visited places of the western Šumava mountains and is declared a nature reserve
  • Laka lake is put up on all the lakes in the Šumava mountains, this lake is the smallest it has an area of 2.78 hectares and maximum depth is 3.9 m. Located in a mountain Plesná
  • Czech fountain - you will find here a strong source of pure spring water
  • Plechý, the highest mountain in the Šumava mountains, is worth visiting as well as attracting many visitors back to the ground that you can find lake, where its slope is Adalbert Stifter monument, which is 14.5 meters high You can see the underground tunnels or large stone sea, which lies near the "dam".
  • Black Lake is the largest area in the Šumava mountains and was declared a nature reserve with Devils lake.
  • Other interesting places you can visit to Bratislava, the Roklanský Creek, Wolf Mountain, Amálino Valley Husinec pond, spring river, stream Modravské, Boubín, Devil's Wall, American Garden, Březník, Žofínský forest, water reservoir Lipno, White Gorge, Žofinka ....
Šumava mountains also offers a nature trail:
  • Nature Trail Jiráskova Lucerna is about 13 km with 10 information boards where you can learn a lot from the fields of botany, zoology, geology, paleontology or history
  • Vintířov trail is 150 km of this route is also possible to get off the ship
  • trail Na Stožecká rock is only one kilometer long with a 5 message boards
  • Nature trail Hamižná is 1.5 km long, is a lovely sitting there ready to retire. You can also make a bonfire. There exists only a few protected plants
  • In addition, the trails include: Chalupská Lake and moor, Forest Boubín, NS Adalbert Stiftnera, Bear Path, Brložsko trail, trail National Park, Povydri, Golden Path, abundant water, trail Pinwheel, Javornik, Falcon's Nest, Sudslavice trail and many more
You can also visit the ruins of Šumava mountains:
  • The ruins Hus is located between two villages called Mynárovice and Blažejovice
  • Giant castle which are remnants of a prehistoric fort
  • Hradek Louzek is Kaplice village about 4km.
  • The ruins of the fortress stands in the village Zavlekou Zavlekov in the Plzeň Region
  • Other Ruins, which you can visit: the ruins of old Herštejn, Pořešín ruins, the ruins Volfštejn, ruins Osule, Girls stone ruins Primda, Castle Klenova, Velečín, Gutštejn, Kynžvart Fortress Kašovice and Pasovary, Vítkův Castle, Castle Prachen, Sokolčí and New Herštejn and more ....
The most visited ski areas in Sumava are:
  • Ski Resort Above the station, which is located in the mountain town of Iron Ore, the ski lifts, which measured 622 and 300 m. There is a possibility and night skiing
  • Ski Resort Belvedere - the slopes and artificial snow on one of those is also night skiing
  • Ski resort Lipno-Kramolín lies above the village of Lipno up Vltavou, where you can find eight ski slopes, which are 3 and 5 moderate light.
  • Ski Resort Kubova Hut has 2 lifts with a length of 500 m and 250m. You can borrow ski or snowboard equipment
  • Ski Resort Zadov - Churanov has 7 runs, which were divided into light and medium difficulty, and their overall length is 4.5 km
  • Ski Resort Kasperske Mountain is night skiing, ski lift available, or a snow park and trails are moderate difficulty. There are also tracks
  • Ski Resort canine in the Šumava mountains is the largest ski area in the Šumava mountains, there are 10 lifts, night skiing, ski school and the possibility to rent ski equipment

Canoeing is great, thanks to good for rainfall. Vltava is the most widely used for water sports as well as the Otava River and Vydra.

Who likes to golf, you can visit two golf courses:

  • Golf Course Alfrédov extends over an area 55 hectares, the pitch is situated in beautiful countryside, it is bordered by forests and lakes
  • Golf Resort Lipno is so beautifully integrated into the landscape that looks very attractive. The course has 9 holes, where the three ponds and definitely worth a visit this golf course

Šumava mountais has many castles and palaces:
  • Palace New Sedliste: located in the village of New Sedliste in the Plzeň Region
  • Mokrosuky Castle: located in the village Mokrosuky in Klatovy in the Plzeň Region
  • Bezdekov Castle: located in the village Bezděkov in the Plzeň Region, unfortunately closed to the public
  • Water Castle Švihov: rides interesting castle armory
  • Chodsky castle: you can find the exhibition Archaeology, enter the castle tower or explore the basement and a collection of courtyard
  • Velhartice Castle: located in the Klatovy in Plzeň Region, the greatest rarity of this castle is a stone bridge with four pointed arches
  • Rabi Castle: currently held at the castle of cultural events
  • Castle Horšovský Tyn: it is the most important monument of the city Horšovský Tyn and one of the most important monuments of western Bohemia, is open to the public and worth the visit if only because you can see the park, which is very nice
  • Rožmberk Castle: the castle that you can see the interiors of the Lower Castle, a collection of weapons and war trophies, painted and you can also try Katovna the device, which is an attraction of this castle
  • Castle Vimperk: has many interesting exhibitions. Eg. history of glassmaking in Vimperk, hyalite demonstrations, painted, cut and cut glass, a display of miniature Korans + production, printing history, basic information about the national park, the flora, photographs of natural attractions, animals and birds living in the park
  • Among the more interesting castles and forts are: Cuknstejn fortress, palace Bor, Diana palace, Castle Kněžice, palace Žichovice, Kašperk, Bezdružice palace, palace Horažďovice Chudenice Castle, Castle Chanovice, Chateau Oak, Novohradský Castle and Czech Rudolec