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Czech Paradise

Czech Paradise is largely located in Hradec Kralove region and lower reaches of the Central Region. Czech Paradise became a protected area in 1954 because of diversity of the landscape with characteristic sandstone rock towns, plant and animal communities. To the east of the Czech Paradise follows the Prachovské rocks that are composed of sandstone rock town. Among the highest peaks of Prachovské rocks are Přivýšina measuring 464 meters, Brada, Svinčice and Velké hůry. The highest peak of the Bohemian Paradise is Trosky measuring 488 meters, then Mužský, Stávek, Vyskeř, Rovná Radeč, Vrchy, Hůra and so on. Czech Paradise lies in the basin of the River Elbe and tributaries are flowing river Jizera (Žehrovka, Libuňka, Kněžmostka, Klenice and numerous streams). The Czech Paradise, you can see a pond or natural water reservoirs. There is a very beautiful countryside that attracts tourists of all ages.

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Where to go for entertainment in the Czech Paradise:
  • You can visit the Golf Club Semily, which is available all year round
  • Other courses are visited: Jicin Golf Club, Golf Driving Range - Galatea Hotel ****, Golf Driving Range and Mini Golf - Sports and recreation center and golf paradise Serbia Mlada Boleslav
  • With children you can go to the Mini Golf - Autocamp Sedmihorky
  • Entertaiment area HAPPY LAND is located in Radvánovice, where you can find a variety of swings, monkey bars and other interesting attractions
  • Rope Centre Yellow Swimming Pool is located in Little Rock and one of the largest rope courses in the Liberec region, where you can go through 20 different difficult the obstacles, there is a lift and climbing wall
  • It is possibility of sailing down the river Jizera, which will allow the city Turnov You can also rent, mountain bike or canoe and rafting.

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The Czech Paradise, you can visit various museums such as:
  • Museum and Gallery, housed in Semily and offers a focus on ethnography, the area of social sciences and arts
  • Museum Pilníkářství in Semily provides the spectacle of the production files and differences between machine and hand-made with a file
  • Museum of the Bohemian Paradise in Turnov offers a rich collection, which includes funds archeology, ethnology, mineralogy, history, art and archival
  • Museum of Dolls and Teddy Bears are located in the village Troskovice
The most visited ski resorts in the Czech Paradise are:
  • Ski Resort for print - the main facilities include ski jumps, which are different lengths and you can find the tracks, which are regularly maintained
  • Ski lift Kozakov offers are 2 lifts that are long 300 and 500 m
  • Ski Over railway station - offers Semily slope 400 meters long
  • Other ski resorts include Lisny ski lift, ski lift on Mount Tabor and Ski Resort Struhy
  • You can also get to go ice skating in the following cities: Ice Rink Jicin, Preview for Cinderella Ice Rink Mlada Boleslav
Even in the Czech Paradise, you can also find many castles and palaces:
Unfortunately, not all can attend, but still worth it to see them at least from the outside
  • Chateau Hruby Rohozec is popular with tourists for its unique decoration exhibition ties of dry flowers
  • Chateau Sychrov one of the most popular objects, where you can see the park, where you can see an attractive spectacle of free flying birds of prey, the castle also houses the largest collection of French portrait painting, collection of weapons and Dvorak Memorial Hall
  • State Chateau Mnichovo Hradiste offers original castle interiors, large oil paintings on the walls of rooms and contemporary décor and numerous collections of porcelain (Delft faience, Chinese, Japanese and Meissen) and theater and lapidary of Baroque sandstone sculptures
  • Chateau Dětenice - here we see the preserved Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque frescoes, wall paintings and Rococo and Neo-Classical stucco decorations, a collection of paintings, hunting trophies and serves as a historical programs, Rococo balls and a medieval feast
  • Chateau Humprecht currently used for exhibitions and concerts, from the tower, which is 16 meters high is a view of a large part of the Bohemian Paradise, Jizera and Giant mountains
  • Chateau Hrubá Skála now serves as a hotel, but is open to the castle lookout tower, which has the best view of the Czech Paradise and the surrounding
  • Castles that are inaccessible, but at least you can see from the outside: Domousnice Castle, Chateau Bellevue, castle Kopidlno, Castle Little Rock, castle Mladějov, castle Vokšice.
  • Castle Kost is one of the best preserved Gothic castles in Bohemia, the castle dominates the trapezoidal sandstone tower, visitors to deliver a collection of weapons from the 17 to 19 century, the castle can be reached on foot along the yellow trail from the station Libošovice or yellow from Sobotka
  • Wallenstein Castle is the oldest castle in the Czech Paradise, where you can see a gallery of Baroque statues of saints Czech patrons, summer in the castle there are regular cultural events - concerts, performances fencing, fair, theater performances, concerts and other
  • Castle and Chateau Old Castle near Jicin offers exposure to archeology and history, work and Library of Jaroslav Vrchlický, Alois Jirasek and Elizabeth.

The Czech Paradise you have the opportunity to see the ruins of castles, including ruins Michalovice, ruins of the castle Frydstejn, ruins of castle Staré Hrady, ruins of castle Zbirohy and so on.

Who would want to take a closer look around, you can visit some of the tower:

  • Kozakov Tower - the gallery is the height of 24 meters and offers views of the Czech Paradise, view from across the Czech Central Mountains Giant, Ještěd ridge, Giant Mountains, Broumovsko Highlands,
  • Dubecko tower - it is 50 meters, where you can see the landscape of the Bohemian Paradise and the Giant Mountains in the north
  • Tower Kopanina - is a stone tower is 18 meters high and has a magnificent view of the castle Bezdez, top Jested, Little Rock, Castle Frydstejn or Kozakov
  • Tower Kozinec - from a height of 33 meters overlooking the Giant Mountains and the Czech Paradise
  • Lookout Milohlídka (Čeřovka) - dominates Jicin, from which a fine view of Jicin
  • Tower on Mount Tabor, called Ticháčková is 35 meters high and is considered one of the most beautiful in the Czech Republic
  • Valdická Gate - is located in the center of town Jicin and from here you can see the view of its surroundings and Jicin
  • You can also visit Zebín, Allainova tower.

Czech Paradise offers natural attractions:

  • Rock formation Pekařova gate is located below the village Lazany and its is accessible by stairs
  • Češovské mounds located on Jičín and it is a massive fortification walls to reach a height of 12 meters to 55 meters wide in addition there are trenches that are up to 5 meters deep
  • Věžák Valley - Vezak pond is very beautiful valley of the Bohemian Paradise
  • Prachovske Rocks - The Emperor's Hall is the most powerful part of the rocks, rocks are Prachovske state natural reservation protected since 1933.
  • Kapela is a rock formation and is a group of rock towers, which reach a height of 60 meters and most visible are the prospects for a rock band
  • In Jicin, we can see interesting works, and it is mainly the statues that are carved from tree trunks, precisely located at the dam pond Prince
  • Bučiny in Rákos is a protected nature reserve between Turnov and Little Rock, has lived here a number of endangered animals and plants
  • Tachovský waterfall is a karst formation, and this site is protected natural monument
  • Zebín is a natural monument and is a cone-shaped basaltic hill, at the top of the chapel
  • Besednické rock - it is a labyrinth of sandstone rocks
  • Pond Vezak among the most charming places of the Bohemian Paradise, in which one side is the sandstone cliffs, you can even find a rock at the foot of the tower and find the fountain
  • Borecké rocks are declared protected areas and occupy an area of 29.3 hectares, you can find a small cave and defended the prospect of which is a beautiful view of the ruins
  • PŘÍHRAZSKÉ rock - it is a city of rock formed by sandstone cliffs, these towers are located approximately 178 and probably the most famous one is called Mare Title
  • Dry Rocks was previously declared a national natural landmark and popular destination for climbers
  • Klokocske rocks located between Turnov and Kozákov and offers a beautiful view of the northern and south-eastern part of the Bohemian Paradise, the vision is here too of Postojna Cave
  • Maloskalsko Nature Park is located in the Jizera River, where you can see a variety of natural formations of rock and ruins of castles such as Castle Rock or Dry Rocks Vranov
  • Other attractions include the Adam's bed, Drábovna (rock city), Raven Rock, a pond or Klamorna turf, which is also a rock formation
Czech Paradise also offers nature trails, which you can visit:
  • Rieger Road - it is a trail that leads along the river route length is about 19 kilometers, there are a total of 15 information sheets that focus on conservation, flora and fauna, geology, tourism and technical attractions in the valley, which are accompanied by pictures and photographs, attractions of this route is 77 meters long overhead gallery
  • Child nature trail Sedmihorky is not only for small children but also for adults, the route is about 3km long and contains 17 information sheets, which is always ready for a child a task or puzzle
  • Nature trail Hruboskalsko trail with 16 stops and the route is 7.5 km long, which can take about 3-4 hours of walking, you can see for example rock tower Kapelník, Kopáčův estate, castle Vaůdštejn
  • Nature trail Plakánek passes through the southern edge of PLA Czech Paradise whose route is 10.5 km long with 11-message boards where you can encounter on the way Pilský pond, fountain or the top Roubenka and highest pont of Sobotská kotlina - Humprecht
  • Nature Trail Prachovské rocks can choose 2 routes - short is 1.5 km long and the longer the length of about 5km, there are 11 information boards describing the most interesting route may take 6-7 hours walking
  • Sychrov trail starts at Castle Sychrov, whose length is 1.8 km where you can see the forest gazebo, granite pyramid and mostly trail introduces you to the historic sights of local forest rangers with care and patterns of forest ecosystem functioning
Not only for pedestrians but alsofor cyclists Czech Paradise offers several bike trails:
  • Bicycle trails Hruboskalsko is 15.8 km long and goes around the Waldstein Castle, a Renaissance castle Hrubá Skála
  • Bicycle trail around the rocks is 18.7 km long and leads along the river, around rocks and dry Klokočské
  • Bicycle Lomnicky northern circle is 24.8 km long and leads the region timber houses
  • Bicycle Novoveská acres is 21.8 km long and leads around the Cinderella Lomnica, over Tabor
  • Bicycle Libuňky is about 28.8 kilometers long, which means you'll see views of the pinnacles
  • Cycle route through the valley of the Mohelka is 12.8 km long and starts at the Hodkovice nad Mohelkou and back to Sychrov
  • Bicycle Semily heading west is 17 km long, for more experienced cyclists, and keep on top Kozakov
  • Bicycle Podtrosecká valley is 18 km long and the way you see the beautiful scenery
  • Bicycle for Romance Sychrov is 19.6 km long
  • Bicycle Semil of the submarine is 18.4 km long and runs from Ivan Olbracht birthplace, a museum art
  • Bicycle Táborský Perspectives for the 27 km long and starts from the slag for Rovensko lookout on Mount Tabor