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Krkonoše mountains

Krkonoše mountains are located between the Orlické Mountains and Jizerské Mountains and is the most famous mountains in the Czech Republic, whose highest point is Snezka (1602 metres above sea level). The main rivers are Jizera, Jizerka, Labe, Malé Labe and Úpa. Labe river is the largest czech river. It rises in the Krkonoše mountains and drains a third of the mountains, on the eastern side of the river is river Úpa. Úpa has the most important tributary river including the Gren Creek, Little Upa and Lysečinský creek. Rivers from the western mountains flow into the Jizera river.

Their tributaries is the most important Mumlava, Rokytnice and Vejpálický Creek and Jizera.

One of tourist attractions in this area are waterfalls situated on the creek of Krkonoše mountains. The bigest waterfalls include: Pančavský (140 m high), Horní Úpský (120 m), Labský (45 m), Pudlavský (90 m), Dvorsky Creek (about 40 m). Every year thousands of visitors comes here for a beautiful nature. In summer season this area is good for a hiking and biking because there are many well-marked bicycle paths. In winter this area is good for downhill and cross country skiing. Mountains are divided into the Western Mountains, Central and Eastern Giant Mountains.

In western Krkonoše mountains there are Benecko, Harrachov, Jilemnice, Rokytnice nad Jizera and Vítkovice. In Central Krokonoše mountains there are Horní Mísečky, Lánov, Vrchlabí, Strážné and Špindlerův Mlýn. In Eastern Mountains there are Pec under Sněžka, Janské Spa, Horní Malá Úpa, Svoboda up Úpa and Černý Důl.

The Krkonoše mountains have a great chance to do different hobbies, and visit many interesting sights.

All the beautiful cottages, cabins and other recreational object we offer in this area you can find HERE. Large, luxury cottage with heated swimming pool in a quiet part of the village KORENOV, 5 km from Harrachov on the divide of Krkonose and Jizera Mountains. All-wood stylish cottage with swimming pool, 100 m from ski lift in village PRKENNÝ DŮL, 2 km from Zacler and 15 km from Trutnov in Giant mountains.

Where do you go to the golf in the Giant mountains? The four most popular areas are Golf club Mladé Buky, Harrachov, Golf Benecko and Golf and Country Club Prosečné. With your children you can go to the minigolf, which is located in Paseky up Jizera.

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If you want to relax, you can visit Janske Spa, which is available year round. Above them rises a tower of Černá hora, which measured 25.7 metres and offers beautiful views of Krkonoše mountains. Extremely luxurious and attractive cottage in a rustic style with SPA massage pool and outdoor heated swimming pool, 3 km from cable car to Černá hora and 7 km from Jánské Lázně. Other view- tower is Hnědý vrch, is located in Pec under Sněžka. Entry is free. Its main viewing platform is at a height of 27 metres, total height is 30.85 m. Another of the most interesting places in Kořenov area, there is view-tower Štěpánka. When is nice weather, you can see peak Sněžka, Mácha' s lake or Czech paradise.

If you like the comfort of vacation near swimming pool, see our selection of cottages with swimming pool or children's pool with extended usage Here cabins with pool. Mountain cottage with heated swimming pool and beautiful view of Krkonose panorama Vitkovice is located 6 km form Rokytnice nad Jizerou. Modern apartments with private entrance and heated outdoor swimming pool situated in village Horni Branna, 4 km from Vrchlabi and Jilemnice.

The view-tower Žalý which is one only stone tower of Krokonoše mountains, offers a view of Giant Mountains and the surroundings. In the Giant mountians is also possible to visit the caves which are Bozkovske dolomite caves in northern Bohemia. You can see the largest underground lake in Bohemia, stalactites, quartz benches, ledges and rails.

Maybe you would better like to stay in pension, the variety of accommodation in PENSION is also in our online offer. Mountain guest house in an altitude of 830 m/asl. with outdoor lake, sauna and a beautiful view to the surroundings of Spindleruv Mlyn, 500 m from the ski resort Saint Peter.

If you like long walks, Giant mountians offer a variety of ways where you can hike with children or a with friends.

  • Forest trail U Mlejna is located in the Podkrkonoší in Jilemnicko. It starts from the timbered buildings called Martinický mill,mmeasuring less than two kilometers and has seven stops (Martinicky mill, renewal of the Martinické ponds, historical evolution of the forest, Na Bubně, natural regenerationof forest, Salty mud, Forest of Many Faces).
  • Ant trail in Hostinné has 4 kilometres. On this way you can learn interesting things abour ants and thein lives.
  • Educational Miners trail lies not far from Černý Důl. On the way you find 10 informations tables where it says everything about mining in Middle Ages.
  • Nature trail "Day of the Battle Nera Trutnov has 4 kilometres with 12 information panels with text and photos.
  • Nature trail Jilemnice is 8 kilometres long that will také you through Down Jilemnice. You can see many interesting ways.
  • Nature trail aroud Rokytnice will take you through beautiful countryside of Rokytnice and you will see Giant mountains and Jizeské mountains. On the twelve boards to find out all about the history of Rokytnice up Jizera. Interesting stop you can make on the rock view Stráž.
  • Nature trail Černohorské peat-bog is the rdest trail. I tis 3, 5 km long with 6 information boards. Trail starts at Rachotovy boudy (Jánské Spa) and ens at peat-bog. There is a wooden observation tower that offers views of peat meadow.
  • Trail called heritage of ice age is 9 km long where you expect 9 information boards. This trail is located in the most valuace areas of Giant mountains. I tis neceséry to couly with visiting rules.
  • Trail called tundra of Krkonoše mountains is including 12 information boards and is situated from Rose mount to Jelenka.
  • Nature trail of National park Devil's Mine is 2.5 km long where you will find 2 information boards. Trail leads along a creek in Černý důl.
  • Nature trail of National Park Krkonoše mountains called Hříběcí starts in field station Hříběcí. There is the most valuace sites of national park which is the highest point called Liščí mount and ens at the Hríběcí boudy. There is a several scenic and recreational sites.
  • Nature trail of National park Krkonoše mountains called Rýchory is 7 km long and it starts from Horní Maršov. You will find 12 information boards. It continues to the Rýchorská studánka towards the crossroads Kutná to the Dvorská forest and it returns.
  • Smuggler's trail in Rokytnice up Jizera is 1.3 km long and not very hard. Trail begins at Lower square in Rokytnice up Jizera and ens at a crossroads Studenov and you can go further to the green hiking trail. There is a 4 stops with informations of smuggling.
  • Thematic trail called Dřevosochání is 1.1 km long with 4 stops where you can learn all about the history of wooden sculpture. You will see many wooden sculptures which were made. Start is at the crossroads Na vrších in Horní Rokytnice up Jizera and it ens in Františkov.
  • Nature trail Špindlerův Mlýn is 8.9 km long and it is dividend into two round. Trail begins after the blue and then ges on a green hiking trail. In starts on the square in Špindlerův Mlýn across the city Nad Michlovým Mlýnem and then back to the Špndlerův Mlýn.
  • Nature trail Via Piette is 9 kilometres long and it starts in Svoboda up Úpa. There are many cultural monuments, in the vicinity Černohorský creek.
Krkonoše mountains also offer many hiking trails where you can walk.
  • Trail is called Czech – Polish friendship which starts from Vosecká bouda. Trail is about 11 – 14 km long. This trail is moderate hard.
  • Journey to the tower Žálý takes you to the oldest stone tower in Krkonoše mountains.
  • Journey to the Štěpanický kastle you can see Jindra's rock where is a plaque of writer J. Šíra, the farther you can see chapel of saint Hubert, the slopes Křižlice, evangelical cametery or church. In Horní Štěpnice you can see timbered cottage.
  • Journey to the Hucul farm, where horses Hucul are kept, is about 12 km long.
  • Lower Court – Fox road to Strážný is 21 km long and it starts in Lower Court over Rudolfov (green trail), Tetřeví bouda (yellow and green trail), Fox road, over cottage On the crossroads, Klínová bouda (blue trail) over Fries bouda, Old Fries way and Strážné.
  • Trail to the Hradisko is 12 km, which is situated over Jindra's rock, the ancienit castles and back to the Benecko.
  • Trail begins in Horní Maršov (yellow trail) to Pražačka and Blue Stones (green trail) then through the Velká Pardubická bouda, Černá hora (yellow trail), Černohorské peat-bog, Vlašská bouda and Velká Úpa. This trail is about 15 km long.
  • Another way you can pass it on the mountain Kotel – Kokrháč.
  • Summer hiking trail Liška offers visitou 8 information boards. On the trail you can see Mumlavský waterfalls (high about 10 m). Trail is 20 km long.

Many other interesting wals you can walk in Giant Mountains, where you can see beauty of these mountains.

It is posibility to explore the area and nature by bike.

  • Bike Tour through Podzvičinsko in Vrchlabí is 44 km long.
  • Comenius trail is 58 km long.
  • Trail of Labe is 57 km and it goes to ZOO.
  • Podkrkonošský circuit is about 78 km long.
  • Pojizerský circuit that Leeds trhough the hills along river Jizera.
  • In Trutnov there is a possibility to see a statue sof Matyáš Braun in kastle Kuks. Trail is 65 km long.
In Krkonoše mountains there are many castles like:
  • Palace Horní Branná, where is a museum of J. A. Comenius.
  • Palace Jilemnice is situated Liberecký region.You can see here a collection of shields, nativity scene, history of czech skiing, culture of western Krkonoše mountains and gallery of czech landscape painter Františka Kavána.
  • Palace Žacléř is situated in Královehradecký region.
  • Palace Vrchlabí is situated in Královehradecký region. Today in palace there is a national park management.

In Krkonoše mountains has many view-tower: Štěpánka,view-tower on Hnědý vrch – Krkonoše, Lomnicko, Černá hora and Panorama.

Who likes more mountains in winter, has the oportunity to visit many ski resorts:
  • Ski area Paseky over Jizera
  • Ski area Jablonec over J. – Kamenec
  • Ski area Vítkovice
  • Ski area Černý Důl
  • Ski area Rokytnice – Horní Domky – Lysá hora – Studenov - Pařez
  • Ski area Velká Úpa and Malá Úpa
  • Ski area Rudník, Herlíkovice, Harrachov, Malé Buky, Benecko, Strážné
  • Ski area Špindlerův Mlýn – Svatý Petr
  • Ski area Pec under Sněžkou
  • Ski area Medvědín – Horní Mísečky
  • Ski area Kněžnický vrch
  • Ski area Žacléř
  • Ski area Kozinec Hrabačov
  • Ski area Rokytnice – Modrá Hvězda – Bahýnka
  • Ski area Luisino údolí
  • Skiresort Janské Spa – Svoboda over Úpa

Adršpašsko-teplice rocks

National Nature Reserve was established in 1933 whose area is 1771 ha. Adršpašsko-Teplice Rocks are a popular climbing terrain. The local climbing has a long history. Čáp is the highest point (786 m). The level of other peaks in the range of 600-700 m above sea level it is about 200-300 m above the top of the other sandstone plateaus. Adršpašsko-Teplice rocks are the largest rock complex in Bohemia with an extremely rock towers, narrow passages, ravines etc. The rocks modeled a variety of shapes and the human imagination can represent it in the rocks. For exepmle people called Lovers rock (the most famous unit of the height of almost 100 m ), the Pitcher, the Mayor and the Mayoress, Sugar Loaf, Krakonoš tooth etc.

Smaller Adrspasske rocks pass to Teplice rocks that separates about 4km long Wolf ravine where the river Metuje flows through the upper part. There is a small lagoon. Here you can admire the so-called Big waterfall, which is 16 meters high. View of the greater part of Adršpašské rocks is from the ruins of the Castle Adršpašské rocks.

Teplické rocks are characterized by their massiveness of rock formations which the most popular are Řeznická sekera, Strážní věž, Rock Gateway and others. View from above, give a view of ruins Střmen.

Area of protected landscape Adršpašsko- teplické rocks are mostly afforested by spruce. There is an interesting occurrence of the eagle owl, black stork, kingfisher, and others. The vegetation is very various, for exemple yellow viola biflova, various ferns, pines and others.

Adršpašsko-Teplice Rocks belongs to a highly visited tourist destinations for school trips and for families with children. You can find also hiking trails that are well marked and where you will find informatik boards. This boards can advice you and maybe learn something too.

Walking tour to Adršpašské rocks begins at hotel Rock town. Trail is approximately 3.5 km long and walking time is approximately 2.5 hours. The trail is marked with a green tourist mark. Trail is not hard and the part of its you can go wooden walkways, from the beginning rather sandy, which then passes to the rocks.

Circuit of the Teplice rocks begins in the village Skály. Trail is about 6 km long which is a walking time approximately 3 hours. The route is marked in blue tourist mark. The trail is moderately demanding. You can see the ruins of a medieval castle Střmen with overlooking where you have to undergo a steep output. Then, Rock square with sandstone towers and ravines Sibiř, which is 250 metres long.

Jizera mountains

Is spread on the north of the Czech Republic and it is a protected area. The highest peak of the Jizerské Mountains is Smrk, which measures 1,124 meters above sea level. Under peak Smrk springs river Jizera, which then flows into the Elbe. A significant peak in the Jizera Mountains is Bukovec (1005 m) which is the highest basalt pile in the middle Europe. Jizerské mountains are mostly covered with spruce and beech. Animals that are found in the Jizera Mountains are fallow deer, roe deer, mountain shrew, 12 species of bats and more.

Jizera Mountains are an important recreational area, as they provide good conditions for summer hiking and biking and winter are becoming a popular place for skiers, which obviously attracts downhill ski areas and ski slopes.

Fun in the Jizera mountains:
  • Golf Club Liberec, which covers an area of 17 hectares and is built 9 holes
  • Golf Club Grabštejn found about 20 km from Liberec, is built 9 holes, of course you can see the castle Grabstejn
  • Zoological Garden in Liberec is the oldest in the Czech Republic, the tour takes about 3 hours, the circuit is 3.5 km long, is located here about 1000 animals and the largest breeding group of chimpanzees in the Czech Republic
  • Tipsport Arena is a modern multi-purpose hall, hosts sporting events in the field hockey, basketball, but also concerts
  • Hovercraft in Liberec is open all year round
  • Who is like plants, can visit the botanical garden in Liberec
  • Who enjoy sightseeing flights can visit the Aero Club and Flying Club Liberec Hodkovice
In the Jizera Mountains, you can visit various museums such as:
  • Smrzovka Museum in Jablonec nad Nisou offers exhibits about 30 pieces of various armored vehicles, and you can also bring on some exhibits
  • Museum of firefighting equipment in Chrastava was founded in 1997, where you can see the cannon fire, various types of fire extinguishers, exposure helmets, uniforms, medals, badges and interesting photographs from the extensive fire activity
The most visited ski resorts in the Jizera Mountains are:
  • Jizera one of the most popular routes for cross country skiing in the Czech Republic and is currently its length is about 115 km
  • Spicak - you can find all degrees of difficulty, the length is over 5 km
  • Severak - total length of track is 4.3 km, are 10 easy slopes and 2 moderate ski slope, there is free parking just below the slope which everyone will appreciate, in Genoa, which is near the visit bobsleigh
  • Bedrichov - is located about 8 km from Jablonec nad Nisou, offers night skiing and night skiing on New Year's Eve, there are 8 lifts and the total length of track is 4.5 km, again, there are ski trails of varying difficulty eight tracks are light and 2 heavy medium
  • Jested - you can find all degrees of difficulty, the length is 11.11 km, you will find a cable car, 3 chair lifts and 5 ski lifts
  • Kořenov - you can find a ski school for skiing and snowboarding, the total track length is about 2km
  • Black Brook - located on the outskirts of Desna, the length of slopes measured a total of 2.4 km, night skiing, there is a children's lift
  • Parliament Desna - there are 4 downhill slopes of varying difficulty, overall length is 2.4 km
  • Zásada - here is the total length of track about 0.6 km long downhill slope is about 500 meters lower track is about 100 meters long
Even in the Jizera Mountains, you can also find many castles and palaces:
  • Unfortunately, not all can attend, but still worth it to see them at least from the outside
  • Castle and Chateau Grabstejn - you can see the chapel saint Barbara or look in the basement and tower
  • Sychrov - are accessible to the main building of the castle interiors, including the chapel, office, bedroom, library, cafeteria, etc.) in the summer months is also accessible side wing, you can also look at the party and the aquariums in the castle dungeons
  • Castle Liberec - there are various events taking place, and the chapel is used as a concert and ceremonial hall at the castle is also a park that you can see
  • Castle New Meadow is open all year round and is a wooden timbered building with a mansard roof and a turret
In the Jizera Mountains have the opportunity to see the ruins, which include:
  • Hamrštejn where the preserved remains of about 10m high tower and a castle surrounded by perimeter walls, the ruins are freely accessible
  • Frydstejn - one of the most interesting monuments, dominated by about 15 m tall cylindrical tower whose diameter is 9 meters
Who would want to take a closer look around, you can visit some of the tower:
  • Královka tower is 23.5 meters high and offers beautiful views of the Jizerske Mountains
  • Tower of Rašovce is 19.5 meters high and offers a view of Jizerske Mountains
  • New town hall is four-storey building, which is the seat of the municipal office, cinema, shops and Information Centre
  • View - tower Bramberk is 21 meters high
  • Petrin Tower is high 20m and offers a beautiful view of Jablonec, Ještěd, Kopanina
  • Black Tower Fountain is 26 meters high and offers a beautiful view of Ještěd and Jablonec, but also the distant Giant Mountains
  • Stephanie tower is 24 meters high and offers a beautiful view of the Polish and Western Jizera Mountains
  • Tower Kopanina is 18 meters high and there is a glass view
  • Tower Slovanka - is 14 meters high and offers views of the Jizerske Mountains, Giant Mountains
  • View-tower Smrk - 20 meters high and has two viewing platforms
  • Lookout Nova Ves nad Nisou is 36 meters high
Giant Mountains offers natural attractions:
  • Terezín - the prospect of rock from which you can see views of the city Tanvald and river valley Kamenice
  • Buchta - a rock formation, located between Pustina and Muchov
  • beautiful waterfalls Jedlová can be seen in the Jizera Mountains
  • Black Desna is a very nice waterfall
  • Popova skála is a rock formation that resembles the ruins from which you can see the hill overlooking the valley of the River Neisse, on Ještěd peak, Lužické mountians
  • Crow Rocks are a group of rocks that are composed of sandstone and searched for climbers, they are known as Raven Rock, some of them are named Shaft Tower, Pear, Raven's Nest
  • Poacher stones are one of the most famous peaks of Jizera mountains
  • Water reservoir Mlýnice is used for recreation, fishing
  • Reservoir Joseph Mine is located in the countryside, whose length is 720m, height of 43 meters, its water area is about 140 hectares
  • Water reservoir Souš
  • Water reservoir Bedrichov is the highest dam in the Czech Republic, the dam is 23 meters high and 342 m long, depth is around 14m, is used for flood water retention
  • Other attractions include Hanychovská caves
Jizerské Mountains also offers nature trails, which you can visit:
  • Nature Trail Oldřichovské woods and rocks there are located 10 information boards
  • Educational trail Terraces Jested is 10 km long and includes 12 information boards
  • Natural trail Jizerka is about 4km long and has 10 information boards that focus on the nature of the Jizera Mountains
Not only for pedestrians but Jizerske Mountains offers several bike trails:
  • Bicycle trail Gateway to the Jizera mountains is 8.3 km long near Jablonec nad Nisou
  • Bicycle trail to divide the seas is 40.9 km lon, from Liberec and Oldrichov, Hřebínek and Nová Louka
  • Bicycle trail Josefodolska is 26 km long through the tower Kralovka, Joseph Mine, Mariánskohorské shed,
  • Bicycle around the pigeon loft is 25.3 km long across New Louka comb Frydlant prospect of the beautiful Mary, and Čihadla Kristiánov
  • Bicycle trail around Černostudniční hřbet is 40.3 km long around the source of Nisa and goat farm
  • Bicycle trail around the Ypsilon is about 19.1 km long
  • Bicycle Zlatník is about 16.2 km long around the birthplace of Antal Stasek and around the observatory Stephanie
  • Bicycle Soušskou and dry dam is 29.5 km long from the village Jizerka over several hills around the Dam Burst

Lusatian Mountains lies from Decin to Liberec in northern Czech Republic. The highest peak is Luž and measured 793 metres. Other known peaks are Jedlová, Key, Studenec or Hvozd. The highest mountain of the ridge is Jested and measured 1012 metres. Smaller part of the mountains situated on the territory of Germany and called the Zittau mountains. Lusatian Mountains are formed by elongated ridges and distinctive conical hills. Lusatian Mountains are rich in water. Here the sources of the River Kamenice. North slopes of the mountains are drained by river Lužička. Lusatian Mountains are mostly covered by forests, including spruce, pine, but also milk or sycamore, ash or elm. There is also some endangered plant species. The In Lusatian Mountains live herds of deer and elk and there is also wild boars and mouflons. In streams live trout, crayfish, newts, and different kinds of frogs. The predators can see buzzard hawk and owl, rare nesting here and eagle owl. Of rare butterflies can be seen swallowtail, white admirál etc. Since 1976, Giant Mountains are a protected area and the most valuable sites are part of the sixteen small protected areas.

Fun in the Lusatian Mountains:
  • You can go to the ropes course in Sloup in Čechy. It is suitable for both children and adults, individuals and groups or school groups.
  • Adrenaline Park Janska is also climbing center and is the highest climbing center in Europe, where you can ride a speed of about 50 km / h on the funicular, which is 140 meters long. Furthermore you can find a climbing wall, cat logs, giant Jacob's ladder or the 18-meter tower with a platform at a height of 16.5 m.
  • Then there is the oldest zoo in the Czech Republic which is situated in Liberec. The area is 13 hectares large, and kept there for more than 170 species

The Lusatian Mountains, you can also find golf courses:
  • Golf Club Ještěd offers a wonderful view of Mount Jested. Nine-hole course is quite challenging
  • Golf Resort Genoa is located near the National Park Czech Switzerland, golf course focuses on the development of the sport, the course is 9 holes and vertical spread is the difference
  • Golf Club Malevil is extremely wide and offers 18 holes on the course, if you just want to have fun, hosts interesting events
The most visited ski resorts in the Lusatian Mountains are:
  • Ski Polevsko lies at an altitude of 550 meters above sea level., Lift is 400 meters long and has 2 slopes in the area, in the ski area there is the ski lift for children and offers night skiing
  • Ski TJ Slovan Varnsdorf has 2 lifts 1200 and 800 meters long, is covered by the running track length of about 5km
  • Ski Resort Upper Podluží offers night skiing, ski and snowboard
  • Ski Resort Luž offers available 2 lifts, ski slope is sufficiently wide and hidden in the woods, for those who like snowboarding snowpark is there ready with obstacles
Even in the Lusatian Mountains, you can also find many castles:
Unfortunately, not all can see but still worth it to see them at least from the outside
  • State Chateau Lemberk visit from April to October
  • Chateau Šluknov offers annual exhibition of photographs, paintings and ceramics
  • Kristin Castle is located in Decin, it consists of 3 buildings and playgrounds
  • Castle Rock Column one of our most beautiful rock castles, standing on a high rock block at a height of 33 meters, the castle serves as an attraction for summer concerts
  • Decin Chateau is among the largest and most important castles in Bohemia, a unique feature of the castle is the "Long Ride" which is a long driveway about 300m. and is surrounded by high walls with arcades
You can visit some of the lookout:
  • Lookout Studenec is 16.2 meters high and offers views of the countryside Lusatian mountains and Czech Switzerland
  • Tower Strážný vrch is free open and extends up to 12 meters
  • Tower Great Chlum near Decin offers views of the hills Kukla, Varhošť with the tower, Milešovka, Ore Mountains, Decinsky Sneznik and partly Saxon Switzerland
  • Tower Dymník offers a view of Ještěd and Lusatian Mountains
  • View-tower Zámecký vrch is 16 metres high. The observation tower offers a beautiful panoramic view Šluknov, Děčínský Sneznik, Ore Mountains, Milešovka Mountains, Lord's Rock, Rip, and part of the Bohemian Central Highlands.
  • Lookout Weifbergu located not far from Nicholas, is built of wood and iron and is 36.9 meters high
Lusatian Mountains offers natural attractions:
  • Babí kámen is a sandstone rock, which is lonely and has a carved a small niche with a seat
  • The hill Klíč is alone conical hill, which is located near the Novy Bor and include major sites
  • The peak Luž is cone-shaped and observation platforms, you can see beautiful view of Bohemia
  • Forest Theatre Sloup in Bohemia offers a summer performance, the capacity is about 1,600 spectators, the theater was built in a rocky basin
  • Waterfall Luční potok has been artificially created and measured 8 metres
  • There are also caves that you can visit Reidlova caves, ice caves or cave in Sloup in Bohemia
  • In Bohemia in the city Sloup there is a protected lime tree, which is among the largest in north Bohemia, has a circumference of over seven meters and can be 300-500 years old
  • Zdislava spring is a spring of healing water, which is near the castle Lemberk
  • Deer stones are two basalt cliffs of the rock block views into a pit of Meissen and the surrounding hills
  • Kunratická ponds are located next to each other between the woods and one of them is a sandy beach where you can swim
  • Viaduct in Kryštofovo Valley is situated in the Liberec region of about 8 km from Liberec, it is a stone viaduct with 14 arches at a height of 30 m
  • Rudolph's stone is a rock tour, on the top you can see the beautiful surroundings
  • Rájec Rocks are divided into two parts Bird walls and Rájec walls and are part of the Elbe Sandstone protected
  • The Tiské walls is located in protected landscape Labské pískovce and are the sandstone formations, this place is attractive for tourists and climbers
  • Elbe canyon is located between the city of Decin and Hrensko, there is a chance to ride a cruise ship, from which you can see the beautiful view of the surroundings
  • Czech Switzerland is a natural environment of rock formations, canyons and towers, you can see "Pravčická gate" or you can get on the boat that you wagons in Kamenice river canyon, there is a very beautiful flora and fauna
  • White stones are made up of a group of rocks, rocks about 20 meters high, in one of the rocks is a long tunnel
  • What else do you see in the Lusatian mountains: Pravičická Gate, Beaver Canyon, Virgin Rocks, Ostrov Rocks, Pavlina Valley Verunčina spring, Raven Rock, a water tank Lesenská, Ještěd waterfall, Raven Stones or Stone Hollow Nature Preserve
The Lusatian Mountains and offers nature trails, which you can visit:
  • Mining trail Milířky is 4.5 km long and has 8 information panels
  • Forest trail Sokol is located near the village Petrovice route length is only 2km and find the nearest five information boards, which are closer to the local management of forests and their history
  • International trail Lusatian and Zitavské mountains through the territory of PLA Lusatian mountains and PLA Zittau Mountains is 31 km long with 27 information boards to tell us more about plants, animals who live here and the geological development in this area, the most interesting places on the The trail is white stones, with Hill High hogback, Upper Rock, Crow Rock, Beautiful Mine, Sedlecký Spicak, Valley of the White Stream, Hill Töpfer, view Scharfenstein, chateau Lemberk and Raven Rock view- tower
  • Trail Ještěd is about 12 km long with 12 information boards
  • Walking trail to the springs is 3 km long and leads to the springs Ploučnice
  • Trail to the springs is about 2.5 km long and contains 8 information panels

You can also visit the spa Kunratice that one of the oldest in Bohemia, due to favorable climatic conditions, attracts many tourists in the surrounding area is full of forests and offer a variety of treatments that have beneficial effects on your body