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High Tatra and East Slovakia

They are the most popular and most attractive parts of Slovakia. The highest peak of High Tatras is Gerlach Peak, whose height is 2655 metres above sea level. Other tops are Krivan, Rysy, Východná Vysoká, Slavkovský Štít and so on. Major cities include Tatranska Lomnica, Horny Smokovec, Tatranska Matliare, Stary Smokovec, Tatranska Polianka, New Polianka and more. The Tatras are the High Tatras, Belianske Tara and the Western Tatras. High Tatras offers visitors a variety of activities through climbing, skiing, cycling and many others.

Where to go for entertainment in the High Tatras:

  • Who loves golf can visit the Black Stork, which is located in Velka Lomnica, offers 18 holes, chipping area, and many others around you can enjoy the beautiful countryside
  • You can go to Vrbov swimming pool, aquapark Poprad or water reservoir Žakovce

    Where can you go swimming Vrbov the thermal swimming pool, aquapark Poprad reservoir Žakovce

The High Tatras, you can visit various museums such as:
  • Museum Liptovske village is located in Ruzomberok, where we see gothic monastery or church
  • Museum of Orava village - here we see a pottery kiln, a mill, a washboard or domestic animals that are kept
  • Museum & Havranek - is a national cultural monument, which takes place in a fencing duel
  • Museum of the Tatra National Park - an exhibition focusing on zoology, geology, botany and ethnography
The most visited ski resorts in the High Tatras are:
  • Jablunkova Luka - has 2 lifts for skiers, ice rinks and slopes suitable for beginners and children, is situated in Stary Smokovec
  • Kubašok Spisske Bystré - The resort is located 5 lifts, snowtubing and many other services
  • Zverovka - Spálená - are regularly groomed slopes and the slopes are suitable for any skier
  • Tatranska Lomnica - offers skiers downhill slopes with a length of 8.6 km and a special cable, you can look at the top of the shield Lomnickeho
  • New Lopusna Valley - 1100 meters offers skiers slalom slope, ski slopes with a total length of 5 km
  • Bachledova Valley - includes 11 trails, whose total length is 9.7 km
  • Lopusna valley - Lucivna - offers cross country ski trails, slopes for snowboarding, 14 ski lifts and downhill runs with a total length of 6400 m
  • Strbske Pleso - offers regularly groomed ski trails with a length of 12km, there are a total of 7 lifts
  • Strednica Ždiar - has 9 lifts, night skiing and offers a nice cross-country skiing
  • Žiar - Dolinky - has 2 lifts, 2 slopes and ideal terrain for skiers
  • Milotín - offers 4 lifts and slopes are suitable for any skier
  • Zuberec - Janovky - offers very good skiing
  • Stary Smokovec - offers 3 lifts and 6 ski runs
  • Opalisko Ski Center - offers a nice downhill skiers and cross-country trails, which are illuminated in the dark
  • Ski resort in the Lower Smokovec - offers a ski slope 400 meters long
  • Podbanske - has 4 lifts and slopes are nearly
The High Tatras offers natural monuments:
  • Waterfall Leap - is long 25 meters to the waterfall to get the yellow trail
  • Kavačianska Valley - it is a karst canyon and nature reserve covering 467 hectares, you can see two old water mills
  • Transverse saddle - one of the most visited place of residence and get the yellow trail
  • Prosiecka Valley - is a karst valley, which is without water, belongs to the state nature reserve, there is a waterfall that is 15 meters high
  • Gerlach Peak - the highest peak of High Tatras, the output is possible but only when accompanied by an experienced man
  • Končistá - is the highest peak and the valley is a very nice look at the top
  • view Slavkov - serves as an observation point to the Small and Great Cold Valley
  • Popradske lake - one of the largest and deepest in the Tatra Mountains, situated between Zlomiskou and Mengusovska valley from each side offers a beautiful panorama
  • Slavkov shield - located in the scenic spot under the name Hrebeinok
  • Rysy - dominate the High Tatra Mountains and offers beautiful views of the surrounding area
  • Cold Creek Falls - a cascade of ice falls, which have a height of 18 meters, 5 meters and 13 meters
  • Swift - the highest peak in the Western Tatras from the top is an unforgettable view of the nature around
  • Bystrá - the highest peak of Western Tatras and from the top you can see beautiful nature.
  • Lamb Shield - is shaped like a pyramid and serves as a nice scenic place
  • What else you can see in the High Tatras: Sharp Rohac, saddle Přelom, Roháčské singing, Lomnicky Shield, Green Lake, Strbske Pleso, Krivan, Volovec, Rocky Mountain Lake, Batizovská lake, Long lake or Kôprovský Shield
  • Waterfall Leap - is long 25 meters to the waterfall to get the yellow trail
  • Kavačianska Valley - it is a karst canyon and nature reserve covering 467 hectares, you can see two old water mills

High Tatras offers nature trails, which you can visit:
  • trail Baba - is a nature reserve and offers two hiking trails
  • Juráňová Valley - is about 8 km long and contains a total of 4 stops
  • Monková Valley - is a 6 km long and contains a total of 6 stops and the time it takes 3.5 - 4 hours
  • Prosiecka and Kvačianska Valley - has 13 stops and the road is 3.5 km long road where you can see waterfalls, rock walls and forest vegetation
  • Skalnate pleso - HREBIENOK - is 5 km long and contains a total of 12 stops
  • Roháčske Ball - 9 km in length and includes 10 stops, which means you can run into the Cold Creek waterfall, whose length is 23 m
  • Strbske - Poprad - Hincova Pleso - is 8 km long with 15 stops

Eastern Slovakia

In eastern Slovakia are Ondavská Highlands, Slansky Hills, Bukovské Hills, Laborecká Highlands, Vihorlatské Hills, and part of the Highland Čergov. Among major cities, which are located here, are the Košice and Prešov. Eastern Slovakia is composed of smaller tourist sites. In Košice, we can find the airport. Zemplínska Šírava is one of the most important water reservoir, which is used for recreation.

Fun in the eastern Slovakia:
  • Who loves flowers, can visit the botanical garden Šafárik, which is located in Kosice, and offers a collection of flora from all corners of the world
  • Stropkov Zoo - the zoo is small but certainly you will find at least some of your favorite animals
  • zoological garden in Košice - covers an area of about 11 hectares, is located in the 151 kinds, and the total number of animals that are kept is 845
  • You can visit indoor swimming pool in Košice, Vinianske lake, water reservoir Domaša or pool Svidník
In the eastern Slovakia you can visit various museums such as:
  • Aviation Museum - located in Kosice, where you can see a collection of historical machinery and equipment
  • Dukla rearrangement - the museum is focused on fighting the Soviet Army
  • Wine Museum - located in Presov, where it is stored more than 1,500 types of wine
  • Blacksmith forge - is located in Moldava nad Bodvou in Kosice, where you can see the original machines and tools
  • Exhibition of Folk Architecture and Housing Humenné - you can see the wooden church of St Michael
The most visited ski resorts in the eastern Slovakia:
  • Jahodná - offers 7 ski lifts and ski runs are suitable for families with children
  • Kevečany - this resort has 8 ski lifts and 5 lifts
  • Regetovka - has 3 slopes and 5 lifts
  • Stebníska Huta - has 2 slopes and cross-country trails
  • Ski Drienica - includes 2 ski slopes and artificial snow
  • Búče- contains 5 ski lifts and ski runs are long 2.5 km cross-country skiers also welcome cross-country track with a length of 10 km

In the eastern Slovakia, you can also find many castles and palaces:

Unfortunately, not all can attend, but still worth it to see them at least from the outside
  • Castle Šebeš is freely accessible
  • Castle Choňkovice - today only remnants of the towers and walls
  • Čičava Castle - now a ruin, the tower survived the defense and get him on the green trail from the village Sedliská
  • Chateau Streda nad Bodrogom - a Baroque chateau from the 12th Century, today serves as the municipal office
  • Renaissance chateau Humenne - it is an exhibit dedicated to the nobility, who lived here
  • You can also visit Stropkovský Castle, Castle Fričovice, Podhoroď Castle,

In the eastern Slovakia you can see the ruins of castles, including ruins Brekov, castle Bodoň, castle Cejkov, Makovica, castle Kapušany, castle Vinianského, Šarišského Castle, Castle Turnianského, Jasenov Castle, Castle Hanigovice, Zbojníckého castle, ruins Slanec, Casimir and so on.

Who would want to take a closer look around, you can visit some of the tower:
  • Žebrák - a wooden tower, which is seven meters high, tower is freely accessible
  • Nástavok - a wooden tower 15 meters high
  • Black Mountain - an observation platform is located at a height of 16 meters high and offers a view of hills Slaný, Polonín or Čergov,
  • Rohuľa - is built of wood and is 14 meters high
  • Dukla - in the district of Svidník on the border was built tower, which rises to above 49 m
  • Holica u Uliče - is built of wood, tower height is 4 meters and a viewing platform at the height of 2.5 m.
  • Hradová in Košice - is constructed of metal rods and is up to 21.5 m
  • Lookout Kalinov - offers nice views of the surrounding countryside, even in the Polish territory
Eastern Slovakia offers natural attractions:
  • Bachureň - this is a peak, which are mostly evergreens, meadows and pastures
  • Čergov - from the top is a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding area, is densely forested hill and around it are several pastures and meadows
  • Hostovické meadows - Nature Reserve, where there are many plants and animals
  • Marine Eye - the largest mountain lake Vihorlatských Hills and is a nature reserve
  • Carpathian beech forests - located on the border of Slovakia and Ukraine and is a very important site
  • Oblík in the Slaný hills - is a significant peak in the northeastern part of this peak and the trail leads
  • Small Irza - Nature Reserve, which has an area of 0.77 ha
  • Zámutovské rock - a rock formation, the walls are high and 10 meters
  • What else can see is the highest peak Vihorlatských Vihorlat Hills, Stone Baba protected area
Eastern Slovakia offers nature trails, which you can visit:
  • Nature Trail Hradová - 3 km long and is on the way there are 4 educational stops
  • Nature Trail Jasovska rock - is 1.5 km long and contains a total of 7 stops on the way you can see beautiful waterfalls, Jasov monastery or a cave Jasovska
  • Nature Trail Zádielska Tiesňava - is 5 km long and contains a total of 8 stops, the trip can take about 4.5 - 5 hours
  • Nature Trail Remetské Hamre - Marine Eye - has 7 stops and the journey will take about three hours
  • Nature Trail Bardejov Spa – Zborovský hradný hill - is a natural reserve, the way you see the beautiful countryside
  • Nature Trail Marine Eye - Sninský stone - Sninské ponds - this trail is 16 km long and is way too hard and contains a total of 10 stops
  • Nature Trail Baba - Lačnov - 2 km and is a long way to come across the ruins of a Gothic castle Lipovec Moses or shield, which is 60 meters high
  • Nature Trail Šariš hradný hill, is two kilometers long and contains a total of 6 stops

Slovak Paradise

It is the smallest tourist region in the Slovak Republic. Included are part Levočské and Hornádska valley. We can find forests, canyons, waterfalls, caves and mountain meadows. The highest peak in the Slovak Paradise is Javorná, which measures 1,186 meters. We can find a total of 280 caves but only one is accessible and it is Dobsinska Ice Cave. The most visited ski resorts are: Mills, Hnilčík, Spišská Tomášovce, or Vernar Ski Centre Levoca.

For the summer there is plenty of ready cycling and pedestrian zones. You can also visit zoological garden in the Nová ves, which has around 210 animals. There are swimming pool Spišská Nová Ves or water reservoir Palsmanská Maša. The most popular cities in this site are Hrabusice, Markušovice, Spišské Vlachy, Levoča or Spišská Nová Ves. Located there are also nature trails. The first trail is named Sivá Brada - Dreveník is 14.5 km long and has 8 stops. The second trail is called trail Slovak Paradise - The South is 11 km long and contains a total of 6 stops. And the last turn of the trail called Přelom is 11 km long and contains a total of 6 stops, this way you can take 2-3 hours.