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Low Tatras and middle Slovakia

Low Tatras stretch the length of the 80km. The hignest peaksof Low Tatras are Ďumbier 2043 meters above sea level, Chopok, Dereše, Kráľova hola and Chabenec. Polana 1458 meters is the highest peak of Veporské Hills. You can find a large number of cave systems and some are even open to the public. Low Tatras have also been declared a national park. In some areas there are real forests they live mostly wild beasts. Among major cities, which are located here, include Podbrezova, Brezno, Polomka, Liptovsky Hrádok, Valasek and Helpa.

Where to go for entertainment in the Low Tatras:

  • Rope TARZANIA Park - located in the village Vlčkovce, offering plenty of rope obstacles that are placed on trees or on poles constructed, there is built a total of 11 obstacles that are at a height of 4-8 meters above ground route for adults measures 208 meters and a route for children measuring 80 m
  • Who are fans of golf, visit the Tale - Grey Bear, which features 18-hole golf course, around the whole course is beautiful countryside
  • You can also visit the thermal swimming pool Liptovský Ján or Aquapark Tatralandia
In the Low Tatras, you can visit various museums such as:
  • Forest Open Air Museum - open-air museum is a long range of 3 kilometers, where you can see the tree for logging, there is also an exhibition of works of art that focuses on the main material of wood
  • Exposure of mining and metallurgy - are areas where focused on gold mining and iron and their use
  • Vyšná Boca House - are open to the public, it is a national cultural monument, has preserved the original interior and a way of life of miners
  • Exposure Tatrín - located in the village of Liptovský Mikuláš, where you can see period furniture, a library and objects which are needed every day
  • St. John Museum Liptovsky Jan - has a total of three exposures, the first is devoted to the whole community and culture, the second is devoted to literary works and the third contains photos and articles of 2 World War II
The most visited ski resorts in the Low Tatras are:
  • Chopok- Jasná - contains a total of 6 lifts, slopes with a total length of 31 km, which is challenging in different ways, you'll find a snowboard park and you can try paragliding or snowrafting
  • Ski Center Mýto - is on the south side, containing a total of 5 runs and 6 lifts, there are slopes for beginners and advanced
  • Liptovský Ján - Javorovica is located on the north side, with 4 lifts and 20 km long jogging track
  • Ski Cerny Balog - contains 6 runs for beginners and advanced skiers
  • Even in the Low Tatras are the ruins of the castle on behalf of Liptovsky Castle, located on the left bank of the River Bela, you can get there and walking path on top is a small chapel and a rock with a view
  • Who would want to look closer into the neighborhood, you can visit the tower, or rather an observation point Chopok
Low Tatras offers natural attractions:
  • Velký Bok peak - one of the important and famous peak of Low Tatras, extends above the surrounding valleys, when you go to the top of the pass, you will see the unforgettable beauty of nature
  • Source Hrona - the second longest river source of Slovakia
  • Hybická tiesňava is a natural reserve, you can not see, and get down to it you can only stream
  • Ďumbier is the highest peak of Low Tatras

Low Tatras offers nature trails, which you can visit:
  • Educational trail Stožky - it is six kilometers long and the way you will find many interesting natural formations
  • Demänovská Valley Nature Trail - is about 14 km long and on tour is 12 stops
  • Dobročský Forest Nature Trail is only one kilometer long and you can see by eating a high 56 m

Central Slovakia

This is an area that is mostly about Banska Bytrice. Central Slovakia including the Kremnicke Hills, Javorie, Štiavnica hills, Polana, Vtacnik Hills and Cerova Highlands. Here the sources of the river Hron and Slatina. Among major cities, which are located include: Zvolen, Prievidza, Banska Bystrica, Banská Štiavnica, Kremnica, Žiar over Hron, Detva, Lučenec and Nova Bana.

Where to go for entertainment in the central Slovakia:
  • Golf & Country Club Hron - Three Oaks offers 4 well, exercise areas and much more
  • Botanical Garden is around the area of 3.5 hectares is located in Banská Štiavnica, which has about 250 trees planted by foreign
  • For swimming you can visit: aqvapark Kovacova, swimming Neresnica, Ružiná pond, beach bathing Banska Bystrica, Tajch lake, swimming pool Dudinka and Richnavské Great Lake

In the central Slovakia you can visit various museums such as:

  • Forestry and timber museum - located in the town of Zvolen and this museum is a national monument, you can see the exposure of carving
  • Literary and Music Museum - located in Banska Bystrica, where you can see photographs, musical manuscripts, musical instruments and posters
  • Exposure history of skiing - is located in Kremnica, where the exhibition displayed the history of skiing
  • Banské Museum - located in Banská Štiavnica, where you can see the history of poetry and much more
  • Postal Museum - located in Banska Bystrica, where you can see how the name is already known, all with regard to e-mail so that the stamp or the creation of postal history and more
  • Banský open-air-museum - located in Banská Štiavnica, where you can see samples of various rocks and minerals
The most visited ski resorts in the central Slovakia:
  • Turkey - offers 7 lifts, 8 ski trails and is located about 16 km from Banska Bystrica
  • Veporské Hills - located near the city of Polana, offers 3 lifts, ski and ski slopes for intermediate skiers demanding
  • Leisure Centre Závada - is located in the valley, offers 2 beautiful ski lifts and slopes
  • Donovaly - offers 17 ski trails, night skiing, and the total length of ski runs is around 11 km
  • Skalka - located near the town of Kremnica, offers 13 runs and 5 lifts, there is a slope, which is intended only for snowboarders
  • Krahule - offers 4 lifts and slopes with a length of 900 m
  • Ski Králíky - offers 3 runs and 3 lifts, ski runs have a length of 10 km as well as cross-country skiing
  • Šachtičky - offers a total of 7 tracks, each of which is variously challenging, 4 lifts and a small lift for skiers
Even in central Slovakia can also find many castles and palaces:

Unfortunately, not all can attend, but still worth it to see them at least from the outside
  • Old Palace - Located Banská Štiavnica, offers 2 tours around the castle a small and large
  • Žarnovica Castle - located in the valley of the river Hron
  • New Castle Banska Štiavnica - offers an exhibition on the history of fight of the Slovak Republic, you can see a fire helmet, work tools, musical instruments, medals and much more
  • Castle in Banska Bystrica is a national historic monument and today serves as a gallery
  • Bzovík monastic fortress served as a monastery in the future
  • Kremnica Castle - the foam is very well preserved, you can visit the museum of coins and medals
  • chateau Zvolen - serves as the Slovak National Gallery, and you can see a collection of European paintings and Gothic art

In the central Slovakia have the opportunity to see the ruins of castles, including ruin Čabraď, ruin of Fiľakovský castle, the ruin Pustý hrad, ruin of castle Reviště, ruin of Divín castle, ruin of Breznica castle, ruin of Víglašský castle, ruin of Soví castle and ruin of Šášov.

Who would want to take a closer look around, you can visit some of the tower:
  • Šachtičky - Tower is located in Banska Bystrica and offers beautiful views of the surrounding area
  • Krupinská Vartovka - formerly served as a watchtower and a prismatic shape of the tower
  • view-tower Sasky vrch and Sitno
Still in central Slovakia offers natural attractions are:
  • Kamenné More Vyhne- the largest reserve with volcanic rocks
  • Centre of Europe - is a place of pilgrimage
  • Lipovianske sandstone - is a natural monument
  • Badínský forest - the oldest protected area in the Slovakia
  • Rajecke Teplice - spa town where there are thermal springs
  • Sunny Rocks - Nature Reserve, which has an area of 90.5 ha
Central Slovakia offers nature trails, which you can visit:
  • Educational trail Pohanský Hill is about 4km long and contains 11 information sheets, the way you can take around 2-3 hours
  • Educational trail Borová hora will take about 2 hours of time and the way you come across only one information board
  • Educational trail Kysihýbel is about 6km long that will take you around 3.5 hours, you meet the 16 stops
  • Educational trail To Harmanecká caves is 1.5 km long and includes seven stops on the way you encounter a waterfall or pond
  • Nature Trail Old Town - a 3 km long and contains 11 stops
  • Nature Trail Greenway - is about 4km long and contains a total of 10 information sheets to learn about animals who live in a nature reserve Kremnicky Štós
  • Nature trail Badínský forest is a national nature reserve, the road is only 1 km long with two message boards
  • Nature Trail Banska Bystrica - James is only two kilometers long and the short journey to encounter the 24 stops
  • Nature Trail Kyslinky Rear-Polana has two circuits, the first is about 17 km long and the other is 8.5 km long in total have a combined 21 stops both
  • Nature trail Šomoška - is a length of about 1.6 km where you meet the Bukovinovský stream, waterfall basalt, which is 9 meters tall, ponds and lakes and the castle itself supermarket
  • Nature trail Milan Kapusta- is 6 km long and includes 16 stops
  • Nature Trail Upper Roveň - Richňavské lake is approximately 5 km long and includes 8 stations
  • Nature trail Sitno is 3 km long and includes 13 stops
  • Nature trail Jána Futáka is 5.1 km long and contains a total of 13 educational stops