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Orlické mountains and East Bohemia

The Orlické Mountains are located in the northeast of Czech republic. The Orlické mountians lies in south-east direction in a length of about 56 km between Olešnice in the Orlické Mountains to the west surroundings and the width of about 10 km. The hignest peak of the mountains is the Velká Deštná, which measures basic 1115m. Three units of Orlické mountains are Deštenské hilly, Mladkovské highlands. The highest and the largest is the Deštenská highlands. The main Orlicky ridge falls to Orlickozáhorské wake. In Orlickozáhorská wake the river Wild Orlice flows, which separates the Orlický ridge from Bystřické Mountains. Mladkovská Highlands occupies smallest and least highlighted middle part of the Orlické Mountains. The highest peak is Adam, which reaches a height of 765 meters. Bukovohorská mountainous area on the southeast from the valley Tichá Orlice has clearly asymmetrical construction of a large ridge top. The part of Deštenské highlands and the northwest area of Mladkovské Highlands, without Zemská gate, we was placed in the Protected Landscape Area.

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At the Orlické Mountains you can visit several lookout towers like Andrlův chlum, Dry Hill, Rozálka, Anenský Hill, Velká Deštná (Štefan view), Holomský hill, Vrchmezí and Dobrošov.

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At the Orlické Mountain is the opportunity to visit various resorts such as Deštná, Mladkov, Petrovičky, Přívrat, Zdobnice, Čihalka, Čenkovice, Peklák, Buková Hill etc.

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Castles, palaces and ruins, which can be to visit in the Orlické Mountains to visit is the kastle Frymburk, Výrov, Potštejn, Litice. Palaces are Skalka, New Town over Metuje, Doudleby over Orlice, Kostelec over Orlice, Rychnov over Kněžna, Ratibořice, Kuks, Opočno, Náchod.

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At the Orlické Mountains are also various points of interest such as mountain village Šerlich,place of pilgrimage Rokole,spa Rezek, place of pilgrimage Studánka, Jelení spa, nature reserve Hořečky, Bukačka or Trčkov and interesting plac eis Luisino valley, Zemská gate, peat-bog Přední vrch, Grandmother's Valley (museum of Bozena Nemcova, Staré bělidlo, Viktorka weir) and the zoo in Dvur Kralove nad Labem.

Construction and maintenance sites that you can visit in the Orlické Mountains, for example, wind power Nový Hrádek, timbered church in Slavoňov, archeological museum of Velký Uhřínov, Hanička and Skutina, defenses Josefov and Dobrošov.

Type of trails in the Orlické mountains are:

Nature trail Zemská gate is about 3 kilometres long and has 22 information boards, which are located on the route only in summer season.

Nature trail Okolím Deštného is about 15 km long and has 8 information boards.

Nature trail ridge of mountains is about 17 km long with 11 information boards. You can also také in the natural labyrinth in valley of Commenius and also her eis built the Pilgrim Tril , where visitou can admire works by Czech artists.

On the Polish side there is aqua park Kudowa Zdroj (indoor swimming pool, leisure pool, children's pool, whirlpool baths, water slide, sauna, restaurant, bowling), another possibility to swim is in water reservoir Rozkoš near Česká Skalice (waterslide, playground, pedal boats, windsurfing , scuba diving, sailing, fishing, miniature golf, tennis, cinema).