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Czech Central Mountains

is geomorphological unit is an area of 1265 km2 in north Bohemia. In the Czech Central mountains occupies 84% Protected landscape area Czech Central Mountains (Czech Middle PLA), which is the second largest protected area in the Czech republice. The highest peak of these mountains is Milešovka (837 m). Elbe flows through the mountain. Woodiness of this area is low, the highest representation of spruce about 32.8%. Among the other trees that you can find birch, linden, beech, maple and the Czech dub. Main city of this area is Litoměřice. Very attractive cottage for weekend (from y. 1910) with big swimming pool, 8 km from Litoměřice.

The area offers ideal opportunities for hiking and biking trips, there are many the area marked hiking trails and several nature trails.

All the beautiful cottages, cabins and other recreational object we offer in this area you can find HERE. Visit an attractive cottage with swimming pool near the castle Bezdez, 10 km from the Macha Lake Bezdez. Or a house with a rich creative history of writer Mr. Ota Hofman, author of popular children's series, 5 km from waterpark Cestlice and 15 km from Prague Ricany.

The Czech central mountains includes Ralská Highlands and the highest peak is RALSKO (696 metres above sea level). Other peaks include Vlhošť, Big Bezdez and more. The area is drained by the river Ploučnice and smaller tributaries of the Elbe on the right side (Psovka, Liběchovka, and Úštěcký creek). In the western part there is Kokořínsko. The biggest attraction in this area is Macha´s Lake.

Kokořínsko covers an area of 272 km2. Tourist attraction in addition to natural attractions as well increasing high forest cover, which is typical for this area of spruce and pine forests, as they are long canyons, ravines and bizarre sandstone formations, richly-preserved wooden, frame, or the original brick architecture and a castle Kokorin.

All those fascinated by the romance artist, such as poet Karel Hynek Mácha.

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Where to go for entertainment in the Czech Central mountains:
  • Zoological Garden in Ústí nad Labem has 26ha. In area you can see about 1300 animals from all over the world, main attraction is training sea lions or elephants walk through the area
  • you can visit Maria Theresia Golf Club Kotlina which is located between the cities of Terezin and Litomerice, cource includes 9 hole
  • Who loves horses may need to visit the ranch in Třebušín which also offers horseback riding, stables in the village Zakšín, which also offers rides and Farma Třebušín - Zababeč

In the Czech Central Mountains, you can visit various museums such as:
  • Museum of folk architecture in the village Zubrnice where you can see half-timbered, half-timbered and brick buildings that have indoor and outdoor exposure
  • Vísecká rychta is one of the largest timber-framed residential building in Bohemia, where you can learn about the house, examples of painted furniture, pictures on glass or utilities
  • Museum of fighters is located in New Oldřichov and offers a collection of various fire-fighting equipment from the early years
  • Gallery of artwork in Litomerice has seen Baroque works but also the works of modern times
  • The Museum of Czech garnet is Třebenice where you can see a collection of jewelry, mining survey and how the Czech garnet processing
  • Monument of Karel Hynek Macha is the oldest house in Doksy and is timbered building with a shingled spire, where you can see the exhibition devoted to the life of Karel Hynek Macha
  • Other museums include: the archaeological museum in Březno or museum of Petrified Forest

In the Czech Central Mountains you can also find many castles and palaces:
  • Unfortunately, not all can attend, but still worth it to see them at least from the outside
  • Chateau Libesice - was recently used as a nursing home
  • Chateau Benesov nad Ploucnici
  • Chateau Ploskovice - located near Litomerice, you can see the ceiling paintings, sculptures or garden with a pond
  • Castle Budyně nad Ohří - here you can see the exhibition of Gothic and Renaissance interior, torture tools, wall paintings and an alchemist's workshop
  • Chateau Krásný dvůr - the opportunity to see the English park and a collection of 42 Baroque dog portraits
  • ruins of castle Střekov is located on the rock, which comes under the River Elbe, it is the best preserved monuments in the Czech Republic
  • Chateau Zákupy- attraction of this chateau is an English-style garden with pond
  • Houska - There are various ongoing events such as fairs, dances, seasonal exposure or wedding ceremonies
  • Peruc Castle - located on the eastern side of Louny, there is a memorial hall of Emil Filla
  • Litoměřický Castle is part of the urban conservation area and is one of the oldest buildings in this city
  • Kostrčany Castle is located about 11km from Žlutice
  • Castle Libochovice located on the river Ohře on the left bank, you can see the park and several palm trees that are preserved here
  • Castle Cítoliby is decorated with beautiful outdoor staircase
  • Lordly Bezděz is one of the largest castles in Bohemia
  • Castle Valeč- you can admire the beautiful castle gardens
  • Castle Doksy is located in Ceska Lipa
  • Milešov stands on a rocky hill
  • chateau Líčkov dominates the town, seen here is a gallery, paintings and garden
  • Chateau Velké Březno is located on the right bank of the River Elbe, there is a mirror room, wood paneling, Portrait Gallery, an English park, there is a possibility and evening tours
  • You can also look at the chateau Valeč, Nový hrad near Jimlín, chateau Trebivlice, Postoloprty chateau, Chateau Grand Žernoseky, Snedovice castle, castle Libočany and many other

The Czech Central Mountains have the opportunity to see the ruins of castles, including Hrádek, Kamyk, ruin of castle Ostrý near Milešovka, Košťálov, Kostomlaty, castle Ronov, Sukoslav, Děvín, Helfenburk, castle Lipý, Blansko, Svojkov, castle Pravda, Kalich or Petr´s castle

Who would want to take a closer look around, you can visit some of the tower:
  • View - tower Varhošť - is 15 meters high with a circular view, and contains altogether four observation platforms from which you can see on the Elbe, the Decin Sneznik, Ore Mountains, Litomerice and Milešovka
  • Erben´s view – tower - is made of stone and is 8 meters high, is a beautiful view of the city of Usti nad Labem, the river Elbe, the Ore Mountains or Milešovka
  • Schiller´s view – tower in the village Kryry is 22 meters and offers a beautiful view of the mountains Doupov, Czech Ore Mountains and Central Highlands
  • view-tower Větruše is 30 metres high reaches a height of 30 meters
  • Kratochvil´s view- tower is 13 meters high and you can count a total of 44 steps, it can be seen views of the tower Varhošť, Buková mountain with TV tower, Saddle Hill, Castle Ronov, Krušné Mountains, Milešovka and castle Oltářík and Košťálov, castle Hazmburk, city Roudnice nad Labem and peak Říp,
  • Frotzl´s view - tower is 12m high viewing platform is 10 meters, it can see the panorama of the Central Highlands, the Ore Mountains,
  • Hořidla view- tower is about 14 meters high and there is a very nice view of the region

The Czech Central highlands offers natural attractions:
  • Holý Hill in Hlinná are remnants of rock that form the arched body, you can also see the massive columns, which can be up to 10 meters high
  • Nature Reserve Lovoš is the basalt rock and the shape of the cone is covered mainly by deciduous trees and the area has about 50 ha
  • Vaňovský waterfall is 12 meters and there are rock pillars that are 40 meters high and 2 meters wide
  • Kalický Hill is a wooded hill, stands up to 180m
  • Nature Reserve Raná occupies 10.9 hectares where natural communities are preserved and with a range of endangered plant and animal species
  • Radobýl Hill offers a view of the Czech Central Mountains, valleys of river Labe and plains Czech blackboards, from which peak Rip is protected as natural monument
  • Berta´s Valley passes the stream and are constructed of artificial waterfalls, gazebos and benches rest
  • Milesovka - the highest mountain of the Czech Central Mountains is a national nature reserve, the attractions of this mountain is called Výří rocks, on the top there is a view- tower with meteorological observatory
  • Porta Bohemica is at its northern latitudinal location known as a wine region, near Kalvárie was declared a nature reserve with various types of lichen
  • peak Říp is a symbol of the nation, it is a nice view of the Elbe valley and the Czech Central Mountains
  • also you can see: a sandstone rock formation Husa (natural monument), Borečský Hill, Hradcany walls, Provodínské stones, natural monument Kuzov, Číčov,

Czech Central Mountains offers nature trails, which you can visit:
  • nature trail Lovoš is 9 km long, which leads from the chapel in Malé Žernoseky to ruins of castle Oparno
  • Nature trail leads through the Bertiné valley
  • Nature Trail Hell is about 4 km and includes 10 information sheets to inform you of endangered species in that area and how the sandstone walls are modeled