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Czech-Moravian Highlands

It is an extensive mountain range rolling hills located on the border between Bohemia and Moravia. Czech-Moravian Highlands is located in the central part of the Czech Republic and is considered the cleanest area. There are rivers Jihlava, Sázava, Oslava and Želivka. Czech-Moravian Highlands is one of the oldest mountain range. It consists of several areas, including Jihlava Hills where the highest peak is Javořice (837 metres above sea level) and Žďárské higland where is the highest peak Devět skal (836 metres above sea level) or Iron mountians. The area is suitable for hiking, as well as for cycling or skiing sports. It consists of several large cities such as Třebíč, Jihlava, Great Meziříčí, Pelhřimov and Havlíčkův Brod.
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Žďárské higland is located in the eastern part of the Czech-Moravian highlands on the border of Bohemia and Moravia. Žďárské Hills is one of the most popular recreational areas in the country. The main center is the town Žďár nad Sázavou. For climbers are attractive rock formations such as Tisuvka, Four cobs or Nine rocks. Nine rocks is the highest peak measuring 836 meters above sea level and it is actually a group of nine rocky cliffs forming small town. Other peaks include Křovina, Křivý javor, Kopeček near Studnice, Pasecka rock and more. Among the river, which rises here, is Sázava, Oslava, Doubrava, Svratka and Chrudimka. We can find several large ponds Velké Dářko (which is the largest lake in the Czech- Moravian Highlands), Malé Dářko, pond Matejovsky, Veselsky and Babinsky pond. Žďárské Hills offers the ideal conditions, particularly for cross-country skiing.
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The Iron Mountain lies at the heart of the Bohemian Massif to the north of Zdar Hills. The highest peak of the Iron Mountains is Vestec. Other major peaks are Doubrava, Chrudimka and Elbe. You can find here village Heřmanův Městec, Hlinsko, Horní Bradlo, Chotěboř, Nasavrky, Prachovice and more. Among the attractions in this country are view-tower Zubri, České Lhotice and Horní Raškovice.  

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Castles and chateau, which you can visit, are Slatiňany, Žumberk, Rabštejn, Lichnice and so on. And for lovers of snow we can find slopes HlinskoHluboká, Trhová Kamenice, Horní Bradlo or Vápený Podol. The Iron Mountains is a protected natural area.

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Where to go for entertainment in the Czech-Moravian Highlands:
  • Who loves golf can visit the Golf Club Telč an area of 70 hectares, where to find training meadow, 2 practice greens, practice facilities and wonderful views of Telc
  • Zoological Garden in Jihlava occupies lakes, meadows, forested slopes and rocks, you can find many different kinds of animals
  • Western town Šiklův mlýn is located near the village Zvole near Bystřice nad Pernštejnem. You can see the big saloon, cafes and casinos, city baths, a church with a cemetery, a prison office of sheriff and Railroad Museum Union Pacific with its railway station here.
  • Squash Centre Výsluní is modern centre, you'll find three squash courts, cross trainers, rowing and bicycle ergometer, cross ergometer stopper and stand, you can be here to accommodate high-furnished apartments
In the Czech-Moravian Highlands you can visit various museums such as:
  • Museum of Czech-Moravian highlands has exhibition of mint and silver mining in Jihlava, minerals that are mined in the Highlands, nature and geology of the highlands, Nature Conservation and Protected Areas
  • Gallery Goltzova fort hasan exhibition of Czech art exhibition
  • Chadimův mill is a museum of the former water mill and camp site is located, where you can camp
  • Museum of Velké Mezirici M is located at the castle, where you can see the castle rooms
  • Havlickuv House - Museum of the Czech-Moravian Highlands, there is a monument of Karel Havlicek Borovsky, then there can see collections that focus on archeology, history of glassmaking, literary history and art history
  • Museum of the Czech-Moravian Highlands in Pelhřimov holds a permanent exhibition called The City jail,
  • Museum of Records and Curiosities in Pelhřimov
  • You can also visit the Memorial of Bible Kralická and museum of ghosts
The most visited ski resorts in the Czech-Moravian Highlands are:
  • Ski Resort Svratka is suitable for beginners and advanced skiers, the slope is 400 meters long
  • Ski lift Věžná is also suitable for beginners and advanced skiers, there is a possibility of night skiing and ski lift is 283 m long
  • Ski Resort Harasův Hill has 2 lifts, ski length is 550 meters, you can rent ski
  • Ski resort Nové Město in Moravia is the largest cross country ski resort, is held here every year Gold race skis, the length of the circuit is 10-15 km
  • Ski Resort Kadlečák from the center of Svetla nad Sazavou, slope length is 520 meters, there are different areas and cross-intensive
  • Ski Resort Jalovec is located near the village of Číchov, there are two lifts, a children's track is 140 meters long and the main track is 600 meters long
  • Ski Resort Dalečín is suitable for beginners and advanced skiers, downhill measured 500-600 m, night skiing
  • Ski lift Mrakotin has two parallel downhill course, the length is 350 meters, in the area there are also cross paths with a length of 5-7.5 km
  • Ski Resort Luka nad Jihlava is located about 10km from Jihlava, offers night skiing, ski lift is 590 meters long and kid´s lift is 330 meters long, there's a total of 3 ski slopes with a total length of 1950 m
  • Ski resort Saint Anne has 300 m long ski slope
  • Ski Resort Dědkov has two lifts of 340 and 380 metres
  • Ski Resort Čeřínek has two lifts of 542 metres length and a second lift is 379 meters long, which is suitable for children or beginners, there are groomed cross country trails
  • Ski Resort Karasin has 450 metres long ski slope
  • Ski Resort Jimramov has the slopes with a length of 500-600 m
In the Czech-Moravian Highlands, you can also find many castles and palaces:
  • Brtnicky chateau - you can see a hall with stucco decoration
  • Chateau Grand Mezirici - here you can see the exposure of roads and highways, an exhibition by sculptor J. Marek, natural science collections and painting and stucco decoration
  • Chateau Wolf Hill - is above the bank of the river Oslava, and includes two buildings and 2 lodge, you can see the richly decorated great hall, option and accommodation
  • Chateau Dukovany is located on Třebíč area, part of chateau is an English park
  • Castle Kámen - offers a variety of exposures, including: housing and life style in the nineteenth and early twentieth-century mansion, the historic two-wheelers, a historical exhibition in an old palace, the Museum of Lapidary in Pelhrimov
  • Žirovice chateau  - here you can see the beautiful frescoes, including the pearl museum and modern art gallery
  • Chateau Náměšť nad Oslavou - is located on a wooded hill above the left bank of the river Oslava, there is a collection of tapestries and a large collection of tapestries, you can see the library
  • Chateau Kamenice nad Lipou - there is the possibility to visit the exhibition of art forgery, in every hall you can try something different mechanisms such as latches and knockers and there to see toy exhibition
  • chateau Telc – there are Renaissance rooms with wooden ceilings and a collection of weapons
  • Roštejn - is dominated by seven-sided tower, in the castle interiors are valuable Renaissance wall paintings, period furnishings and collections located in the permanent exhibition presents the history of the castle, porcelain, pewter, furniture, wood carving, stone cutting and hunting
  • Chateau Rudolec - is a four-wing building, which closes the regular court
  • Chateau Svetla nad Sazavou - four-winged building, which has a rich stucco decoration and an English park with ponds
  • Chateau Pacov - a two-storey three-winged building, you can see remains of fortifications or vaulted cellars
  • Chateau Jaroměřice Rokytnou - one of the biggest and largest chateau in Europe, including French-style chateau gardens and English gardens, to see the library, concert hall, gallery, dance and music hall with rich paintings
  • castle Lipnice nad Sazavou - you can see the armory, an exhibition of tiles, chapel, cellar, banquet hall
  • Chateau Chotebor - has a chapel called Trinity's largest portal, frescoes and stucco decorations
  • Chateau Maleč - surrounded by a park with a pond and trees
  • In addition, you can visit: Chateau Red Řečice, Kamenice, castle of Říčanský family, Přibyslavský chateau, chateau Heralec, chateau Police, chateau Dubová,  chateau Myslobořice, chateau Těchobuz, chateau Okrouhlice.

In the Czech-Moravian Highlands you have the opportunity to see the ruins, which include: Rokštejn, Ronovec, Orlík, Dub, Cow Mountain, Štamberk, Štarkov, Rabštejn, Mitrov, Ronov nad Sázavou, Víckov, Janštejn, Lamberk, Zubštejn and Templštejn and Levnov

Who would want to take a closer look around, you can visit some of the view-tower:
  • City Tower in church of St. Martin - the gallery at a height of 35 meters and the tower itself is 75 meters high
  • view-tower church of St. Bartholomew offers views of the city and its surroundings from a height of thirty feet
  • view-tower Horní les is 59 meters high and offers views of the surroundings
  • view-tower Rosnička is 42 meters high and the viewing platform is at a height of 24 meters, it can be seen Zdar nad Sazavou, Přibyslav, peaks of Žďárské highlands  and villages in the nearby vicinity
  • Oslednice near Telč is 34 meters high and the viewing platform is at a height of 31 meters and also serves as a carrier antennas
  • Pípalka is 40 meters high and keep on top of 205 steps and offers extremely beautiful views of the surrounding
  • Ocmanice is 15 meters high, with an observation platform, which offers views of Ocmanice, Náměšť nad Oslavou and nearby ponds
  • Karasin is 30 meters high and the viewing platform is at a height of 25 meters, offers a beautiful view of the pond Vír and the surrounding village, peaks of  Zdarske hills
Czech-Moravian Highlands offers natural attractions:
  • Four Sticks is a natural reserve, which is part of the PLA Žďárské hills, this is a rock formation, which is surrounded by forest, the cliff top is a beautiful view over the valley of river Svratka, rock formation is used by climbers
  • Nature Reserve Mokřadlo is located on the former territory of the pond, there are many protected fauna and flora
  • Black Rock near the village Křižánky is a rock formation, which is a long slope up to 70 meters
  • Ransko Nature Reserve is a forest complex, where the protected species of plants and animals live threats, especially ground beetles and spiders
  • Wolf Stone is the wooded hill Nová bouda and it is a natural monument
  • Milovský Perničky is a rock formation in the forest and is designated as a natural monument, the largest rock reaches a height of 25 meters
  • Rozštípená rock is a rock formation and was declared a natural monument and is also used for climbing
  • Spálava hill is scenic nature reserve in the Iron Mountains, there are many rare plants and animals, but can climb to the summit and enjoy the natural surroundings
  • Golden Meadow is a nature reserve, which consists of wet meadows, fens and swamp Olšina, accessible is a blue tourist route
  • Brozova rock is rock formation about 20 meters high, it is available along the blue trail and was declared a natural monument
  • Javořice near Telč is located in Javořická higland and it is highest peak
  • Natural Monument Tisuvka is gneiss rock formation with a length of 58 m and a height of 15 m
  • Malinska rock, is a natural heritage area of 5.75 hectares and is a rock formation 200 meters long, some cliffs reach a height of 20 meters of rock is a beautiful view of the villages, Pasecká skála, rocks are used by climbers
  • Brtnice Valley Nature Reserve with a total area of 68.9 hectares, which can be seen the ruins of the castle Rokštejn
  • White Rock near Křižánky is a rock formation with a total length of 1150 meters and it is also a natural monument
  • Drátenická rock is the most beautiful of all the rocks and the surrounding area is protected as natural monument, the highest peak reaches a height of 35 metres
  • Čeřínek is hill and is also a natural park, which includes Hojkovské peat, Devil's Castle
  • Straznice near Pacov is the highest peak of Pacovske Hills, which is located below the mineral springs with medicinal effects
  • What else can visit: Stvořidla Nature Reserve, valley Doubrava, Nine rocks, Jankovský stream, Ransko lake, water reservoir Vír,  beliefs, Scorpion Mine, Pasecká rock, chateau Libkova Voda, Pohledecký kopec, water reservoir Hubenov
Czech-Moravian higland offers a nature trail, which you can visit:
  • Mohelenská hadcová Steppe has a total two rounds, the first is 3.3 km long and has a total of six information panels, the second circuit is a 3 km long and has five information boards
  • Nature trail Municipal Park includes a total of 12 information sheets on which to learn the history of urban gardens, climate, trees, water, fish, birds, boxes, rocks, protected areas, plants, animals, forest tracks,
  • Nature trail Dářko is 12 km long
  • Nature trail Babín leads around the shore of Matějosvký pond, the trail is 5.5 km long and includes 10 information sheets focusing on zoology
  • Nature trail Forest trail Chaloupky  is about 7 km long and on the road you will find a total of 6 information boards focused on botany, ornithology and conservation
  • Nature trail Valley of Doubravy is 4.5 km long and has 11 information boards
  • Nature trail Čeřinek is 6 kilometers long which is located on a total of 14 information sheets
  • Nature trail Křemešnik is about 3km long with eight information panels
  • Nature trail called Mining in Jihlava is about 6km long and has a total of 10 information panels, which will introduce you to the geography and natural attractions, which are located in the vicinity
  • Nature trail Březina is 10 km long and the road is located a total of 16 information boards and ask for a closer look at the geology, natural history and monuments
  • Nature trail In the Footsteps of history is about 5 kilometres long