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South Bohemia

South Bohemia is one of the largest and most popular tourist areas in the Czech Republic. The landscape of southern Bohemia is very diverse and has many faces. You can find ponds around Trebon or Netovic, Sumava foothills or densely wooded forests. This area is one of the cleanest in the Czech Republic. The area serves as a long holiday. Major rivers flow through here, including the River Vltava and Otava and Luznice, which serves as a passable river for canoeing or fishing. Large area covered by forests and lakes, which are largely part of the protected natural areas. The main town there is Czech Budejovice, which have large number of notable landmarks. Among the unique features in this area are hunting Ohrada and chateau in Hluboka. Another town is Písek. Where can we see the castle Zvikov and chateau Orlik or Hussite City Tabor. Czech Krumlov is a town called "the pearl of South Bohemia, which was included on the UNESCO list of cultural heritage. Above the town is a castle of Czech Krumlov. Nearby Český Krumlov found  monastýry in Brod and Zlata Koruna, kastle Rosenberg or Museum of small horse tracks. The technical monuments include Lipno, which serves primarily as a water recreation area. Other regional center is the city Jindrichuv Hradec, which is one of the most beautiful Czech towns. South Bohemia has very beautiful nature, and definitely worth it to spend a vacation right here.

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Where to go for entertainment in South Bohemia:
  • Zoo Ohrada - you can see the museum with natural history collections
  • Crocodile Zoo in Protivin has seen 18 kinds of crocodiles and Zoological Museum
  • Regent brewery in Trebon is one of the oldest breweries in the world where there is a very interesting interpretation of brewing
  • Riding Reithof is located about 5km from Jindrichuv Hradec, which offers summer camps for children and horseback riding lessons
  • Golf Club Hluboká offers two courses with nine and 18-hole, where he is expert advice
  • Czech Krumlov Golf Club offers two courses with nine holes where you can admire the beautiful scenery around
  • Devil's Golf Club offers a course load of nine holes, where there is a large amount of surface water.

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In South Bohemia, you can visit various museums such as:
  • City Power - there is a technical museum in the water power, which is the oldest building of this type in our  country
  • Egon Schiele Art Centre - offers exhibitions on the life and work of Egon Schiele exhibition of his original works are presented year-round exchange exhibitions of classical and contemporary art
  • Museum of Photography Šechtl and Voseček - themed exhibition of historic photographs of Šechtl and Voseček 
  • Hussite Museum - one of the largest in the Czech Republic, which focuses on historical exhibits Hussite
  • Baškův hammer mill - offers a permanent museum exhibition gold panning
  • Memorial of Jan Zizka is in the Trocnov, which is also the birthplace of both Jan Zizka and the results are red hiking trail
  • Hoslovice museum is located about 17 km from Strakonice and has the oldest surviving water mill in the Czech Republic, cowshed and barn
  • Housa Mill is located in Tábor on the shore Tismenického stream flowing out of Lake Jordan and you will find Celtic salon, torture, an armory, rental costumes and props, music club and exhibition hall
  • Museum of Torture offers torture instruments on display, or wax dummy
  • Treasure of Tábor Exhibition is located in the Kotnov, where it is possible to see two ceramic bowl filled with four thousand silver coins, archaeological findings, or you know the medieval way of dining and utility ceramics
  • Prácheň museum is located in the Písek, where the exhibition are: Prehistory and the time Slavonic origins of the castle and the town of Pisek, history of the region, protected areas, mineral resources, cultural traditions Písek, Gold in the Otava, Fish and Fisheries
  • Museum of Jindčichův Hradec offers exposure to literary culture, history, medicine or exhibitions, concerts and cultural programs
The most visited ski resorts in South Bohemia:
  • Ski lift Hradiste offers ski slope, which is about 350 meters long
  • Ski Resort Goat's plan offers three ski slopes, from which two light with a total length of 1400 meters with a downhill track is heavy and measures 400 meters
Even in Southern Bohemia, you can also find many castles and palaces:
Unfortunately, not all can attend, but still worth it to see them at least from the outside

  • Castle New Bystrice - you can see the preserved remains of Gothic walls, unfortunately closed to the public
  • Čížová chateau – it is winged storey building
  • Fort Žumberk - is quite well-preserved Gothic fortress, where you can see the original furniture and wall paintings
  • Silent Fort - is located about 5km from Dolní Dvořiště, which have been preserved residential tower
  • State Castle and chateau Czech Krumlov - dominates the city and you can see for example Bear Moat
  • Lnare Castle - is situated amidst landscape full of lakes, the castle has a fresco and stucco decoration and there are historical lessons
  • Písek castle - there are valuable Gothic paintings have been preserved and now serves in part as a museum Prácheňské
  • Chateau Orlik - above the lake and there are nearly 150 rooms including corridors and adjacent areas, some of them serving as the tour route, the interior is richly furnished, the château offers a boat trip, you'll see Orlik from other parties
  • Cervena Lhota chateau - the most romantic landmark in Southern Bohemia, in the adjacent park is the Holy Trinity church
  • Blatna Castle - is situated in the middle of local swamps and is open to visitors year-round
  • Castle and Chateau Jindrichuv Hradec - located in the historic center of the river Nažárka and pond Vajgar and is one of the largest castles in the Czech Republic
  • Chateau Hluboká - The palace is an English park and a park with Baroque hunting lodge, the castle is one of the most visited castles in our country
  • Chateau Třeboň- offers an exhibition of historical, cultural and natural attractions of the region Trebonsko
  • Strakonice Castle - located directly in the city center on the left bank of the Otava is preserved churches, courtyards and Brewery, also you will find historical and cultural exposure
In South Bohemia, you have the opportunity to see the ruins, which include: ruins Křikava, ruins of castle Helfenburk, Borotín castle, the ruins of Charles Castle, Střela, Goat Castle ruins, ruins Choustník, Dobronice ruins, castle Sobeslav or Šelmberk

Who would want to take a closer look around, you can visit some of the tower:
  • Tower Jarník - is high about 58 meters and is located in the Písecká mountains
  • Tower Klet - Klet is one of the highest points Blansky trees, where the oldest stone tower rises with us
  • Cow Mountain in the Novohraské mountains - offers freely accessible iron tower from which you can see all the Nové Hrady
  • Tower Krátošice is on Cermakova top and is open year round, the current tower is 20 meters high, with a beautiful panoramic view of the countryside Tabor, Trebon, Sumava mountains
  • Hýlačka tower is open to visitors and offers a beautiful view of the South Bohemian countryside
  • Tower of Semence - has an observation platform at a height of 5.5 meters and offers a view of the city Tyn nad Vltavou
  • Lang´s tower is a tower built of wood and is about 14 meters high, overlooking the countryside of central Povltaví \
  • Granátník tower - it is five meters high, built of wood and offers a picturesque view of the Vltava river valley
South Bohemia offers natural attractions such as:
  • Sand dune at the Wolf - is protected as a nature reserve, leads are yellow trail and the trail Veselské Sand
  • Chicken top - is a natural monument that was published in 1955
  • Na Ivance is a natural reserve, which is open to the public and the river is used for water sports
  • Peak Luznice is a nature reserve, where you can see the meandering river Luznice, which is 16 meters long, is home to approximately 140 different large and deep pools
  • Old Lake is a nature reserve with a massive dam-covered ancient oaks and heats the islands, forests and fens with valuable plant and animal communities, where a lot of concentrated nesting waterfowl
  • Meandering Luznice is a nature reserve, located north of the village Majdalena and is part of Protected Landscape Area, in the area doing endangered and rare species of plants, you can also see the community of invertebrates, particularly shellfish
  • Old River is a nature reserve, which is located east from the town of Trebon, along the river Luznice, reservation is a part of the Protected Landscape Area and home to many marsh and swamp vegetation with native trees and shrubs and wetland meadows, a protected animal species that live there , such as otter or kingfisher.
  • Landstejn Reservoir is located on the creek Pstruhovci below the ruins of Landstein, there is a dam which is 25 meters high and 376 meters long
  • Písecké mountains - it is a long strip, which is 25 km long and serves as a natural park for tourist destinations and home to the tower
  • Water tank Korensko is built on the river Vltava, which was built power station, the bay water tank is used as a natural swimming pool
  • High stone near Kunžak at a height of about 738 meters and is located on top of huge rocks, which are worth seeing
  • Water reservoir Římov is one of the youngest dams in Southern Bohemia, its main purpose is drinking water for the Czech Budejovice and group water central part of South Bohemia, is home to the dam, which is 290 meters long
  • Around Trebon there is a Renaissance palace, the Gothic cloister, the Renaissance and Baroque town houses on the square, beautiful and the neo-Renaissance tower brewery, cycling in the area is quite unique
  • Hnevkovice water reservoir was built in connection with the construction of nuclear power plant, the dam serves as the hydropower potential in hydroelectric, dam is 16.5 meters high and 191 feet long
  • Botanical Gardens Tábor has seen significant and interesting plants, tropical and subtropical plants grown in greenhouses and a large collection of trees
  • Kadovský rocking stone are large stones situated separately on the meadows or the woods, rocking stone Kadovský is the most famous Czech balanced rocks located at the southeast edge of the village Kadov, the district has more than 11 meters and weighs around 30 tons
  • Large and Small Tisý is a complex 11-different sized ponds with dominating Velký  Tisý, ponds have a very rugged shores, bays, peninsulas and islands, the territory is protected as a National Nature Reserve
  • Brouskův Mill Nature Reserve is 140 hectares in size, is preserved meandering river basin Stropnice

South Bohemia offers nature trails, which you can visit:
  • Veselské sand trail is about 7 km long and contains a total of 14 information sheets, the trail leading edge of the natural reserve of sand dunes near Vlkov
  • Jindřišským valley trail is about 5km long, which runs along the right bank of the creek Hamerský
  • Orlik trail is about 30km long and runs along the left bank of the Vltava to Zvíkov, the road has 15 information boards to inform tourists about the history of landscapes, natural attractions and protected plant and animal species
  • Trail Totalitarianism is about 6km long where you can find 9 information boards
  • Trail Borkovice sludge is about 4.5 km long on a short section which is located 30 Information boards
  • Nature Trail Red mud is about 3km long and has a total of nine information boards, which are focused on the history of peat extraction, history and natural beauty of peat bogs
  • Educational trail Large Lomnicky  is 6.5 km long and contains a total of 15 information panels, which offers information about the history of Big Pond Lomnicky, water birds and aquatic flora and with homeland sights of the landscape
  • Trail Rudolph's town has two circular routes, the first five kilometers long with 9 information boards and the other is 4.5 km long with 10 information panels
  • Nature Trail, Way of the globe is 12 km long and contains 16 information boards, which acquaints us with the landscape Trebon, with a history of fish-folk architecture and the natural community of this area
  • Bike trail around Trebon is 39 km long, and here we find a total of 22 information sheets
  • Podskali trail is about 3.5 km long and contains a total of 14 information sheets