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Welcome to Czech republic – areas

One of the most frequented places of our republic is Sumava mountains. They are situated on the south-west border of Czech republic, Austria and Germany. Through the mountain ridge of Bohemian Forest traverses the main water divide between Black Sea and North Sea. Highest peak of Sumava is Velky Javor (1456 m) on the Bavaria side and Plechy (1378 m) on the Czech side. Bohemian Forest offers many possibilities both for summer recreation and for winter recreation. To the most important resorts belong Spicacke sedlo, Zadov and Churanov, Antygl, Srni, Modrava or water pond Lipno.
Krkonose are the highest and the most famous mountains in Czech republic. They are situated between Czech republic and Poland. The highest peak is Snezka (1602 m). The area of Krkonose is National Park because of their special nature wealth. For Krkonose is typical harsh climate. Due to their beauty and good snow conditions became Krkonose one of the most frequented places of recreation in Czech republic. In summer first and foremost because of cycling and hiking. Tourist can take advantage of well sophisticated system marked cycle-ways and many of mountain chalets.They afford in wintertime ideal conditions for skiers. There are many of ski-centres with greatly ski lifts and ski-slopes, but also tens of kilometres of cross-country ways.
Jeseniky mountains spread over on the north tip of Moravia and Polish frontier. They divide into several places. The most frequented and highest is Hruby Jesenik with highest peak of Moravia – Praded (1492 m). It is national nature reserve together with another six reservations in immediate vicinity. Petrovy stones, Velka kotlina, Mala kotlina, Bucina pod Frantiskovou myslivnou, Divoky dul and Bila Opava. Values of landscape gave an impulse to creation of climatic resorts (Karlova Studanka, Jesenik, Velke losiny, Lipova – lazne) and centres of travel industry (Praded, Mala Moravka, Cervenohorske sedlo, Ramzovske sedlo). Jeseniky offer ideal conditions for summer and winter recreation. The whole district has man of well-marked tourist ways and number of recreation and sport centres.
Beskydy mountains – the highest peak is Lysa hora (1323 m). They offer many ways for summer and winter hiking. To the most known places belong: Javorovy – with chair lift, Skalka, Bily Kriz, Grun, Bumbalka, Velke Karlovice, Solan, Pustevny, Frenstat pod Radhostem.
Orlicke mountains belong to smaller mountains of Czech republic. A big part of mountain country forms 50 km long ridge. Elevation above 1000 m and trivial difference on the whole district stipulate good conditions for skiing. Main centres offer nature conditions both for alpine and classic skiing, and for hiking. Important centres: Destne, Ricky, Cenkovice.In Orlicke mountains take place International World-Cup – Bobsleigh and other skiing events.Das IsergebirgeJizerske mountains are the smallest mountains of Czech republic fade into Krkonose. The highest peak on the Czech part is Smrk (1124 m). Variously shaped landscape with relative low altitude offers advantageous conditions above all for running skiers and for summer hiking and cycling.Mostly easy slopes and well treated downhill runs enable sports possibilities even less efficient visitors. On the other hand there are many sports possibilities even for more experienced and advanced visitors. Apart from classical winter sports there is chance to best sledges or bobsleigh.
Krusne mountains are cca 130 km long. They are natural frontier between Czech republic and Germany. Intense volcanic activity in the past caused wealthy frequency of ores, healing springs that gave rise to many health resorts. For lovers of winter sports bring Krusne mountains fantastic conditions. Well-known centres for winter sports are for example Bozi Dar, Jachymov, Kovarska, Kraslice, Pernink, Abertamy, Cinovec, Telnice and many others. Even in summer Krusne mountains offer a lot of possibilities for recreation, hiking and cycling.
Bohemian – Moravian Highlands are situated on territory of seven districts and stretch from fishponds in the south-czech republic to edge of district Hanacko. This region is one of the most ecological districts. There are long hills with slight groves characteristic for this area. It is a place for relaxation and recreation. In winter above all running skiing, in summer cycling and hiking or water sports on the river Sazava.