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Welcome to Czech republic - travel documents


Foreign visitors must have passport, which is valid at least 3 months after planned ending of visit to Czech republic.


National of most European countries don´t need any visa. Except Albania, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova and Macedonia.

Health insurance and health care for foreigners in Czech republic:

We recommend to purchase voyage policy for a journey.
Health care is provided:

  • non cash on the basis of health insurance
  • cash payment
  • free of cost, on the basis of international treaty

Customs regulation - import:

Every traveller is allowed to import this amount of goods with no commercial character:

  1. Tobacco products
    • 200 cigarettes or 100 cigarillos (cigars to 3 grams of weight)

    • 50 cigars.

  2. Alcoholic beverages

    • 1 litre strong drinks

    • 2 litre wine

  3. Pharmaceuticals in quantity and sort equivalent to individual need.

Other articles in aggregate value that not exceed 6000 Kc per person. By people younger than 18 only up to 3000 Kc.It is allowed to import alcohol to people older than 18, to import tobacco products older than 16.

Customs regulation – export

You can export any kind of goods with no commercial character without export permit except:
  • it is not permitted to export goods of national cultural wealth

  • by antiques and artistic articles it is necessary to have a certificate confirming , that they are not a part of national cultural wealth

Transport of pets:

Pets must have valid international certificate about inoculation against rabies and documents about medical at veterinary surgeon not older than three days before their departure.

How much money is it allowed to transport:

Import and export of foreign currency, commercial papers etc., in total value over 350 000 Kc and gold must be reported.