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Welcome to Slovakia – travel documents


Passport is necessary. Passengers from other European countries, USA, Brasilia, Africa, China (diplomatic passport or service passport), Thailand don´t need any VISA.

Health insurance and health care for foreigners in Slovakia:

We recommend to purchase voyage policy for a journey.
Health care is provided:

  • non cash on the basis of health insurance
  • cash payment
  • free of cost, on the basis of international treaty

Customs regulation - import:

Every traveller is allowed to import this amount of goods with no commercial character:

  1. Tobacco products
    • 200 cigarettes or 100 cigarillos (cigars to 3 grams of weight)

    • 50 cigars.

    • 250 g of tobacco

  2. Alcoholic beverages

    • 1 litre strong drinks

    • 2 litre wine

  3. Pharmaceuticals in quantity and sort equivalent to individual need.

  4. Petrol – maximal 10 litre.

  5. Perfumes – 50 g parfume, 0.25 litre floressence water.

  6. Presents and other articles in total value 3000 Kc.

Transport of pets:

It is necessary to submit international certificate of vaccination.

It is allowed to export:

The same conditions like by import. It is necessary to submit licence and customs permission by export of antiques and other artistic articles.