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Welcome to Slovakia – travelling in Slovakia

By car

Slovakia has good-classed well marked traffic network and it is ideal for travelling by car.

Traffic regulations

Slovak traffic rules are not very different from rules in other countries.

Speed restriction

  • maximal allowed speed in city is 60 km/h (even at night)

  • by antiques and artistic articles it is necessary to have a certificate confirming , that they are not a part of national cultural wealth

  • maximal allowed speed for cars and buses in gross-vehicle weight up to 3500kg is on highroad 90 km/h and on highway 130 km/h

  • maximal allowed speed for motorcycles is 90 km/h

  • maximal allowed speed for cars in gross-vehicle weight over 3500 kg is on highroad 80 km/h

  • it is forbidden to consummate alcohol before and after driving

  • it is forbidden to hold a phone in hand during driving

  • you must use safety belts during the whole travelling time

  • motorcyclists and their front passengers must use helmets during driving

  • You must pay tolls for using of highways and motorways in Slovakia, so-called Highway stamps, which you stick on front windscreen from the inside. The same system as in Austria and Switzerland. They are available in the post offices, check points and some petrol stations. (Annual costs 36,5 €, monthly is for 9,9 € for cars up to 3500 kg).


Petrol stations in Slovakia offer:

  • Natural 91

  • Natural 95

  • Super Plus 98

  • Oil